Many of the world’s leading organisations (business, political, religious, military) are possibly being run by senior management who probably rank highly on the PCL-R test for psychopathy. This book explores that idea, support it with examples, and offers solutions.

Very little media analysis of the decisions being made by our institutional leaders accounts for the existence of psychopaths as a social reality. It’s a new paradigm that I believe explains a lot of the news we see and can help us avoid future problem scenarios.

I’ve spent the last fourteen years producing thousands of hours of programming about world leaders, historical and modern. During the process, I’ve often asked “why do these people end up in position of leadership and why do they do the things they do?” I’ve also spent years reading the latest research on psychopaths and it seemed to answer a lot of those questions.

This book is the first systematic attempt to derive a model for explaining how and why psychopaths are allowed to occupy positions of power in society.