Is Your Boss A Psychopath?

Psychiatrists estimate that 1 percent of the adult population are psychopaths. That’s about 50-60 million psychopaths worldwide.

Some psychiatrists estimate that as many as 21 percent of CEOs might exhibit many of the psychopathic traits listed below (from the Hare PCL-R Checklist).

Do you think your boss is a psychopath? Tell me in the comments below. And order a copy of my new book to learn more about how and why psychopaths are running the world.

The Psychopath Epidemic by Cameron Reilly

Common Psychopathic Traits

• glib and superficial charm
• grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
• need for stimulation
• pathological lying
• cunning and manipulativeness
• lack of remorse or guilt
• shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
• callousness and lack of empathy
• parasitic lifestyle
• poor behavioral controls
• sexual promiscuity
• early behavior problems
• lack of realistic long-term goals
• impulsivity
• irresponsibility
• failure to accept responsibility for own actions
• many short-term marital relationships
• juvenile delinquency
• revocation of conditional release
• criminal versatility

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