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Eleanor Roosevelt - Communist!

On this week’s Cold War podcast – the Red Scare continues. In 1939, Martin Dies Jr claimed that the Justice Department was investigating 2,850 known communists in government and that FDR had ordered a purge of all those named. But it was all a disinformation campaign launched by Hoover. The...Read More »

The Final of our Antivax Podcast Series

ANTIVAX 4.6 We wrap up our antivax mini-series by looking at another antivax claim: “All vaccines contain a number of toxic poisons and chemicals that are linked to serious neurological damage”. We talk about Robert Kennedy Jr, thimerosal, and the difference between methyl vs ethyl mercury. ...Read More »

My Podcasts For Week 17, 2019

This week’s podcasts include stories about enlightenment, the rise of J. Edgar Hoover, and The Son Of God (Tiberius, not that other guy). ...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #62 - Politics & Ethics Part 2

My guests again today are J. David Markham, my regular co-host on the much-loved Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast, and his friend of 35 years, a regular guest on this show, Doug LaFollette, the Secretary of State of Wisconsin. This week I again try to get down to basics – how do we form our political...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #61 - Politics & Ethics

My guests again today are J. David Markham, my regular co-host on the much-loved Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast, and his friend of 35 years, a regular guest on this show, Doug LaFollette, the Secretary of State of Wisconsin. This week I try to get down to basics – how do we form our political beliefs?...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #60 - SHUTDOWN

My guests today are J. David Markham, my regular co-host on the much-loved Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast, and his friend of 35 years, a regular guest on this show, Doug LaFollette, Secretary of State of Wisconsin. They joined me this morning to discuss the recent US government shutdown and the forces at...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #59 - Benjamin Walker, Psychopathic Entrepreneurs

PhD student Benjamin Walker and Business Psychology professor Chris Jackson conducted three experiments using more than 600 people from the general population. They found that people with psychopathic traits can make great entrepreneurs because they are not afraid to fail or make bold and risky decisions. My concern, though, is that...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #58 - Brad H Talks Iran

Today I welcome back to the show Brad Heitmann (aka Brad The Mormon). This time we’re talking about Iran. FOR TWO HOURS. Fer realz.Ermahgerd. Brad travelled to Iran in 2009 around the time of their Presidential elections and the riots. He spent a couple of hours at a dinner listening to Mahmoud...Read More »

The No Illusions Podcast #57 - Brad Heitmann, Mormon

My guest today is Brad Heitmann. Brad lives in Utah, has a background in investment banking and start-up strategy and loves history. Today, however, he joins me to talk about his religion – The Church Of Latter Day Saints aka Mormons. To all those people asking me for years “when...Read More »

The No Illusions Podcast #56 - Wendy Bacon on Media Bias

Wendy Bacon is a contributing editor to NewMatilda and has reported for Crikey,  the Sydney Morning Herald and The Conversation in recent times. She is an investigative journalist with a background in social activism who worked at the University of Technology for 21 years. Although no longer teaching at UTS, Wendy is still a Professor of Journalism at the Australian Centre for Independent...Read More »

The No Illusions Podcast #55 - Destroy The Joint!

Today I’m chatting with Jenna Price, one of the key people behind the “DESTROY THE JOINT” movement to stop sexism and misogyny in Australia. Jenna talks about the success of their campaign to get advertisers to pull their funding from the Alan Jones Show on 2GB.   Links: Destroy The Joint on Facebook Destroy The Joint...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #54 - Nicholas Gruen on Aussie Auto Industry Bailouts

Australia is one of only a few countries in the world that has the facilities to design and manufacture a car from digging the raw materials out of the ground to dealer domestic sale. And in the 1970s Australia’s auto industry was ranked 10th place in the World but today?...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #53 - Peter Honig on The Wire

If you haven’t watched THE WIRE yet – what are you waiting for? After all, it’s ten years old this year and it has been roundly acclaimed as the greatest TV show ever made. I’ve watched the entire series three times and it gets better with each viewing. Chrissy and...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #52 - Stu Campbell, The Love Punks & Neomad

Neomad is a new iPad comic created by and featuring a group of energetic, talented and brilliant indigenous kids from Roebourne in Western Australia. The guy who has helped them make it a reality is Stu Campbell. On today’s show, I talk with Stu, Max & Maverick about The Love...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #51 - Josh McDonald on Gun Ownership

UPDATE: Josh has clarified his thoughts on his blog. Good work. My guest on NIP#51 is Josh McDonald (aka Sophistifunk), software developer in Melbourne and a former cigar buddy of mine when he lived in Brisbane. Josh’s love of guns is something I’ve known about but we’ve never delved too deeply...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #50 - Aboriginal Suicide

I wonder how many of you are, like me, feeling terrible about the indigenous affairs situation in Australia. Gundjeihmi hand stencil My guest today is Justin O’Brien, Executive Officer of the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (www.mirarr.net). The Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) represents the Mirarr traditional owners of the Ranger uranium mine area, the...Read More »

No Illusions #49 - Rob McNealy on Gun Ownership

Rob McNealy is back on the show (see gdayworld #329 for his last appearance four years ago) and he’s talking about gun ownership. Rob is a huge believer that citizens need to have weapons to defend themselves against a tyrannical government and for self-defence. Just in time for the show, here’s...Read More »

The No Illusions Podcast #48 - Stephen Covey and a Principle-Centered Life

Stephen Covey, author of “The Seven Habits” books, died in a bicycling accident a couple of days ago. Covey, who was, by the way, a Mormon, wrote about living a “principle-centred life”. On today’s show I discuss what that means to me.     Stephen Covey image via Happiness Virus ...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #47 - I Can Haz Higgs Boson?

My first podcast in several months is a bit of a rant and a bit of science – a basic primer to help you understand yesterday’s announcement of the discovery at CERN of a “Higgs-like particle” and a rant on why it’s important that we all try to understand the...Read More »

Australian Aboriginals On "Bottom Rung"

Via @mikeb476: A new international report has ranked the life circumstances of Aboriginal Australians at the “bottom rung” and warned that Aboriginal children are “23 times more likely” to face jail than non-Aboriginal children. The report also notes that federal government programs still falling short to address extreme hardship within Aboriginal communities. The London-based...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #46 - Battle For Honour And Humanity

Here’s some of the stories I talk about on this week’s show: Why climate deniers are like the Catholic church The Unbreakable Smartphone That Lasts For Weeks Without Recharging What it’s like to wear a brain-stimulating “thinking cap” Vortex radio waves could boost wireless capacity infinitely Most asylum seeker rioters turned out to be refugees Can...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #45

On this episode, I talk about socialism, Iran, quantum computing, faster-than-light neutrinos and how to make bad memories disappear forever. ...Read More »

No Illusions #44 - South Africa & Zimbabwe

First podcast for 2012! Sorry it’s been so long between shows – this episode took me FOREVER to edit. Blame Ira Glass. Anyway… I’m fascinated with the long-term effects of colonialisation. We all know that colonialisation is usually a disaster for the indigenous population while the colonial power is occupying...Read More »

The No Illusions Podcast #43 - Operation Ajax

Why do the Iranian people distrust the United States? Because they “hate our freedoms”, as Bush said about Al Qaida? Or do they have genuine reasons? How many of us know the history of America and England’s involvement in the illegal and covert overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #42 - Nikola Danaylov on The Singularity

My guest today is Nikola Danaylov (who also goes by the pseudonym Socrates), host of The Singularity 1 on 1 Podcast and SingularitySymposium.com and SingularityWEBLOG.com. He was born in Bulgaria, but moved to Toronto in 1998 where he obtained degrees in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics. About 18 months ago he...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #41

News updates from around the globe. Includes the following stories: Former Tasmanian MP found guilty of having sex with a 12 year old girl, but gets no jail time.  Time Magazine Doesn’t Want To Show U.S. Citizens Pictures Of Revolution.  U.S. Senate Are Voting On Legislation That Allows Their Military To Arrest Anyone,...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #40 - Doug La Follette, Wisconsin Secretary of State

Doug La Follette (born June 6, 1940) is an American academic, environmental activist, and politician from the state of Wisconsin. A Democrat, he is the current Secretary of State of Wisconsin and has served in that role since 1983. He is also a Fulbright Distinguished American Scholar and the author of the 1991 book The...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #39 – The Main Message Of #Occupy

Short show today, covering a few stories: An Occupy Wall Street Founder Talks About The Origins Of The Movement And Where It’s Headed Next Poll: Most Americans Support Occupy Wall Street Quantum Levitation New independent climate study confirms global warming is real The killing of Awlaki’s 16-year-old son     Tell me what *you* think. Google+ Twitter Skype Email     (Pic by Newton Graffiti) ...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #38 - Occupy Melbourne!

On today’s Show: #OccupyMelbourne busted up by police, protesters arrested, all in time for next week’s visit by The Queen. My Retort to Greg Jericho’s blog post about the foolishness of Occupy protests in Australia Neuroscientist David Eagleman confirms “time is an illusion”. Steve Jobs – Why Didn’t He Get An Operation? The Bible Geek...Read More »

Catholic Bishop Indicted For Covering Up Child Abuse

A bishop in the Roman Catholic Church has been indicted for failure to report suspected child abuse, the first time in the 25-year history of the church’s sex abuse scandals that the leader of an American diocese has been held criminally liable for the behavior of a priest he supervised. The...Read More »

No Illusions #37 - Here's To The Crazy Ones

Shownotes for today’s episode: Here’s To the Crazy Ones by Steve Jobs Occupy Together meetup groups Lucian Randolph “How is the game of Monopoly won?” Owen Flanagan and Alex Rosenberg on the significance of naturalism. Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships by Christopher Ryan, Cacilda...Read More »

No Illusions #36 - Governments Don't Rule The World

On this episode – A trader tell us that Goldman Sachs rules the world, en economist tells us what’s wrong with capitalism, Elizabeth Warren explains why the rich paying tax isn’t class warfare, a rate gets a new brain implant and the Catholic Church in South Australia covers up child...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #35 - Keep Bob On The Job

Has it really been 11 months since the last time I did a podcast with Father Bob Maguire? Unconscionable. Today we talk about Bob’s imminent execution (“Keep Bob On The Job!”), Twitter, The Catholic Church in Philadelphia, Bob’s Lego auction, Julia wrapped in the flag, Bob’s appearance on Think Inc, iPhone...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #34 - The Decade's Biggest Scam

On today’s podcast, I look at why conservative white males are ignorant, how Wall Street scammed America, why capitalism is doomed, and why religion in Australia is in decline.   Links: Conservative White Male Effect on Climate Change Measured The Decade’s Biggest Scam How Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion in Loans from Fed Is Capitalism Doomed? Smokers...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #33 - The Pentagon Fraud

On today’s show, I talk about the following stories: WORLD PEACE COULD BE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK  The Empire at Dusk  – How the Pentagon is a massive fraud on the American people. The Great Splintering – What happens when you destroy the social contract. Obama’s war on whistleblowers suffers setback ...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #32

Richard Giles is back this week to talk to me about a wide range of subjects, including: Reagan book “Tear Down This Myth” by Will Bunch US Debt by Administration Murdoch’s woes JP Morgan Chase Fine: Another Slap on the Wrist for Wall Street Google Profits Why Rich Is Testing a VPN Pentagon attack Human Errors Fuel...Read More »

No Illusions #31 - My Date With Rudy Giuliani

Richard Giles joins me again today! We chat about my meeting last night with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Google Plus, The News Of The World and more! ...Read More »

No Illusions #30 - 40 Not Out with Richard Giles

Back in the good old days of podcasting, my co-host of the G’Day World podcast for a year or more was Richard Giles. Then life got in the way of podcasting sometime around the end of 2007 and he went on to do other things. On this episode, we catch...Read More »

No Illusions 29 - The Polyamorous Life with Kieran Salsone

I first met Kieran Salsone a few years ago at a BTUB not long after I moved to Brisbane. I’d already known him via his Twitter handle websinthe. I knew from the comic he used to write that he had a sharp political mind. But it wasn’t until I caught up...Read More »

No Illusions Notes - 16/06/2011

In the news today… WikiLeaks Haiti: The Earthquake Cables – The Nation has some background (via Wikileaks) on what was happening in Haiti after the earthquake. Remember all those troops that the USA sent in with the excuse of “security”? Well it turns out the US troops weren’t there at the...Read More »

NO ILLUSIONS 28 - Virginia Balmain, UNAA

My guest today is Virginia Balmain who is the President of the United Nations Association of Australia (QLD) and the Vice-President of the UNAA in Australia. We chat about Australia’s role in the UN, our obligations as a Member Nation, and some of the contentious issues surrounding the UN –...Read More »


Veteran crime reporter Adam Shand joins me again on the show to talk about the TWO films being made based on his book KING OF THIEVES, as well as about diamond heists, the HELLS ANGELS,  police corruption and just how lazy the lamestream media have become. ...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #26 - #RaptureFAIL

Note: This show is a week old, sorry about that folks. I had weird trouble uploading it to the server. Mostly relevant though, except I have more to say about Mr Rapture. On today’s show I talk about Harold Camping’s failed Rapture, the International Conference on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants’s...Read More »

No Illusions 25 - Goldman Sachs

The majority of today’s show is about the most evil corporation on the planet, Goldman Sachs, and a great book about them called GRIFTOPIA by Matt Taibbi. I also cover recent news about Obama’s backing down on the Middle East peace process, how piracy drove a book called GO THE...Read More »

No Illusions 24 - Bin Laden Dead

I have plenty of concerns about the Bin Laden assassination this week, both in terms of what actually happened and how it is being reported. How could the US President make so many mistakes in his explanation of events? Is it legal to assassinate someone who hasn’t had a trial...Read More »

No Illusions 23 – “Atomic” Rod Adams on Fukushima

As I mentioned on episode #22, Rod Adams (@atomicrod) is a self-professed nuclear energy “obsessive” since 1981. He writes at the Atomic Insights blog and has produced the Atomic Show podcast on TPN since 2005. He chatted with me tonight about Fukushima – why the risk to human health is...Read More »

No Illusions 22 – News Roundup for March 15, 2011

Show notes for this episode: A Different Perspective on Fukushima from Atomic Insights by @atomicrod Atomtronics, Or Atoms Spun By Laser Beams, Could Replace Electronics Glenn Greenwald: WH forces P.J. Crowley to resign for condemning abuse of Manning The liberal game of silencing the messenger by John Pilger Ross Garnaut says science on climate...Read More »

No Illusions 21 - News Roundup

Nine Afghan Boys Killed by NATO Helicopters – NYTimes.com The Greens up two to 15 per cent British UFO reports Rudd condemns air strike on Afghan boys UFOs over Sydney – the intergalactic neighbours drop by The Capitalist’s Paradox Bank of England governor blames spending cuts on bank bailouts Four time bombs that will blow up Wall...Read More »

No Illusions 20 – John Cook from Skeptical Science

My guest IN THE STUDIO today is John Cook, astrophyscist, web developer, and founder of Skeptical Science, an absolutely brilliant resource for anyone needing to refute the common climate change denialist. We talk about what motivates climat change denialists (and the difference between being a SKEPTIC and a DENIALIST) and some...Read More »

No Illusions 19 - Antony Loewenstein

My guest today is Australian author, journalist, blogger and Middle East specialist, Antony Loewenstein. Links for today’s show: “What has Wikileaks ever taught us?” American Being Held for Shootings in Pakistan Worked as Blackwater CIA Contractor Britain suddenly discovers that democracy is a jolly good idea? Robert Fisk on Libya Hamas calls US veto on...Read More »

No Illusions 18 - 18 Feb 2011

[audio:http://http://noillusionspodcast.com/audio/tpn_noillusions_20110218_18.mp3] First show of the year, new format. Straight news reads of stories I found interesting from the last couple of days, with a little bit of commentary thrown in. Future shows will include interviews as well. Borders Oz IS going bust… Shy U.S. Intellectual Created Playbook Used in a Revolution… Jeopardy!...Read More »

No Illusions Live #17 - All About Wikileaks

Last night Chrissy & I chatted for an hour about Wikileaks. We point out the mistakes a lot of people on Twitter (mostly Americans) are making when it comes to Wikileaks. We talk about the major stories that Wikileaks have broken with Cablegate, as well as the truth behind the...Read More »

No Illusions 16 - More Dangerous Than Crack

Links for this week’s live show: Report: Alcohol more dangerous that heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy, tobacco California’s Prop 19 Randy Quaid’s Press Conference Gang Stalking World “Boat People” aka REFUGEES – a problem or an opportunity? Man Arrested in Brisbane for Wearing a T-shit that said “Jesus Is A Cunt” Yemen “Bomb Scare” – a CIA False Flag...Read More »

I launched a new podcast today - LOTU

Where I’m going to attempt to explain LOTU, the religion for atheists. Check it out. LOTU podcast #1. ...Read More »

No Illusions 15

On last night’s live show, we discussed the Iraq War Logs recently released by Wikileaks, how to tell when you might have fascism on your hands, and a little about the morals of sleeping sex. You can tune into our live show every Tuesday night 8pm QLD time on uStream. Watch the recorded video...Read More »

No Illusions Live 12102010

For those of you who missed it live, here’s last night’s show (all two-and-a-half hours of it!). Some of the things we talked about: Chrissy’s experience getting her Australian permanent visa How America ended up in Vietnam Daniel Ellsberg “The Most Dangerous Man In America” The Russian Revolution The USA deliberately infecting Guatelamalens with syphilis Cam turning...Read More »

No Illusions #14 - Riding 4 A Cause

Today I chat with Rob James and Andrew Blanda – two guys who, with their mate Raz Chorev, are trying to do something to raise awareness of male depression. What are they doing? They will embark on their first major ride in September 2010, from Sydney to the Glen Helen Resort, NT, (joining...Read More »

No Illusions #13 - AusVotes!

I did a live show for the first time in ages tonight! Of course the topic of discussion was last weekend’s federal election. Thanks for everyone who tuned in live! Choose between the video or the audio version of the show below. For future reference, you can catch the live show...Read More »

No Illusions #12 - Ewan Saunders, Socialist Alliance #AusVotes

Ewan Saunders is the Socialist Alliance’s Brisbane candidate in the upcoming federal election. I caught up with him recently to talk about socialism, climate change, indigenous communities, and the Socialist Alliance’s policies on subjects like Iraq, Afghanistan and immigration. As I mention during the show, if you’re interested in hearing more about “participatory...Read More »

No Illusions 11 - Police Corruption in Melbourne

My guest today is Adam Shand, investigative journalist / author from Melbourne. He was a guest on #293 discussing his book “Big Shots” which focused on the Melbourne “Gangland Wars” and Carl Williams. On this episode, Adam discusses Carl’s recent murder and his allegations of police corruption in Victoria. We...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #10 - Ministry of Ethics

On this episode, Chrissy and I chat with our friend Angus Scown (@angusscown) about living on a hippy commune (Angus, his wife and kids live at Crystal Waters, an eco-village a couple of hours north of Brisbane) and why Australia needs a MINISTRY OF ETHICS. Chrissy and I were smoking Perdomo...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast 09 - Black Holes & Cannibals

Late last week, Chrissy and I sat down with Hugo Sharp for a cigar and a chat about the latest news in politics, religion, science and philosophy…. oh and cannibalism. Here’s the list of stories we chatted about: Maxim Golovatskikh and Yury Mozhnov ‘killed Karina Barduchian and ate her’ Every Black...Read More »

Cigar Talk - a new TPN podcast

Last week I launched a new TPN podcast callde “Cigar Talk”. The basic format will be my partner in Perdomo Cigars Australia, Jason Nelson, and I talking to people who appreciate a fine cigar. Episode one features Filip Pilioras from Paladar Fumior Salon in Brisbane, his friend Nick and ChrissyD! Check...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast 08 - Dominion Over Fowl

Tonight we try something we haven’t done in a long time – Chrissy joins me on the podcast. We lit up a Perdomo Lot 23, sat outside on our deck, and talked about a lot of things including: – Why comics are like classical music (I recommend reading DMZ and KICK-ASS)...Read More »

no illusions podcast 07 - Nicaragua

On today’s show: my thoughts on Nicaragua (including a quick history of the oppression of the Nicaraguan people by Spain and the USA), why cigars are awesome and a few words on Obamacare. ...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #6 - Angie The Anti-Theist

One of my favourite “new atheists” is Angie Jackson aka “Angie The Anti-Theist”. At only 27, she’s been blogging, tweeting & YouTubing up a storm for the last two years since she googled her grandmother and discovered she had spent her whole life growing up in an extreme Christian cult. Now...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast #05 - Haiti, Part One

Today I’m chatting about Haiti. To understand why many people are concerned about the USA sending thousands of marines into Haiti after the recent earthquake, you have to understand the history between these two countries. Of course, you won’t hear much of this in the mainstream media, as they tend...Read More »

No Illusions 04 - No Clean Feed

My first No Illusions podcast for 2010! Today I’m talking about the Australian Government’s “clean feed” with three guys who know a lot more about it than I do: Stephen Collins (@trib), Peter Black (@peterblackQUT) and Jim Stewart (@jimboot). This episode was recorded with a live studio audience. Well, okay,...Read More »

Macbook Disaster!!!! Need A New Mac!

Tech disasters are like being attacked by a Great White – you never see the danger coming until it’s too late. Yesterday morning I shut the lid on my two-year old Macbook Pro 17″ to take a shower. Fifteen minutes later, when I opened up the screen again, nothing happened....Read More »

The Peter Ellyard Show

In case you missed the announcement, I recently launched a new TPN podcast: The Peter Ellyard Show. Peter has been a good friend and regular guest on this show for several years. We worked together on his latest book, Designing 2050: Pathways To Sustainable Prosperity On Spaceship Earth. Peter has...Read More »

No Illusions Podcast 03 - Rangan Srikhanta, OLPC Australia

Rangan Srikhanta is the Executive Director, One Laptop per Child Australia. On this show he chats with me about their efforts to get laptops into the hands of kids living in remote regions of Australia. The idea to speak with OLPC came out of a recent Geeks Who Care meeting...Read More »

No Illusions #02 - Ideas While You Sleep

Yvonne Adele (aka Ms Megabyte) is a Melbourne-based entrepreneur and founder of Ideas While You Sleep, an overnight brainstorming service for business utilising hundreds of clever global brains. It’s a brilliant idea for helping small and large businesses around the globe leverage the power of crowd-sourcing. It’s so terrific I’m...Read More »

Christian KRudd Dodges Catholic Royal Commission

He may be an Anglican, but KRudd is “one of the boys” when it comes to protecting the religious establishments of Australia. According to the BBC: Australian PM Kevin Rudd has apologised to the hundreds of thousands of people, some British migrants, who were abused or neglected in state care as children. (via...Read More »

No Illusions #01 - Vote 1 For Sex!

Episode 1 of the new show! The No Illusions Podcast examines the truth about how we’re living our lives. Today’s guest is Fiona Patten, the founder of The Australian Sex Party. That’s a political party, not a tupperware party. And they are SERIOUS. They have a great set of policies that I...Read More »

Five Years and A New Beginning

As G’Day World is five years old this month (it started life on November 29, 2004), I’ve decided to sort of retire it. A show that started as a tech news podcast has, over the years, become my personal exploration of what’s really going on in the world. Hence the...Read More »

GDay World 395 - Bill Liao, Neo.org

TPN 500Bill Liao is one of those people who makes you realize that you aren’t trying hard enough. He chatted with me recently about two of his current projects – neo.org and WeForest.com. Bill explains how he is building a new organization with resources and partners to reforest 20 Million Square...Read More »

GDay World 394 - Rebecca from @GayMarriageAus

TPN 500I was an early follower of @GayMarriageAus because I’m a big supporter of gay marriage rights. I was delightfully surprised, though, to find out that the person behind it is a 17 year old high school student, Rebecca. I chatted with her recently about why she’s supporting gay rights. We also...Read More »

GDay World 393 - David Nicholls, 2010 Global Atheist Conference

TPN 500My guest today is David Nicholls, the President of the Atheist Foundation of Australia and the co-ordinator of the 2010 Global Atheist Conference which is being held in Melbourne in March 2010. Do you want an independent media? The Podcast Network is supported by: neo.org – a social network with a purpose...Read More »

recording from GDay World Live 290909

Recordings from tonight’s live show. It’s in three parts because uStream kept dropping out. Ugh. And the audio on the first two parts is peaking, but they aren’t very long. We talked mostly about the implications of the discovery that Hitler’s skull belongs to a woman and about how to...Read More »

gdayworld live 150909 - the recording

http://www.ustream.tv/flash/video/2165830 for those of you who couldn’t make it last night…. ...Read More »

GDay World Live 080909

Here are the recordings of last night’s GDay World Live with myself and the lovely @fddlgrl. Part One http://www.ustream.tv/flash/video/2125552 Part Two http://www.ustream.tv/flash/video/2125616 ...Read More »

GDay World 392 - Guest: Mike Snyder on Evolution vs Creationism

Today my guest is Mike Snyder (@mambomike282), a listener of the show who owns a security firm in Washington state. As a Christian, he wanted to challenge me on the subject of evolution and religion, and so we went for it. 🙂 Do you want an independent media? The Podcast Network...Read More »

Recording from G'Day World Live Sept 1, 2009

Chrissy and I did a live show last night, where we talked some politics, some religion, and then played a violin / viola duet. http://www.ustream.tv/flash/video/2085327 We’re going to get back to doing a live show every Tuesday night, 8pm Brisbane time. Tune in here. ...Read More »

GDay World 391 - Jon Dee, Founder of Planet Ark and Do Something

do something logo A few days ago I had a chance to chat with Jon Dee, founder of Planet Ark and the new Do Something! initiative, about his life and goals. We talked about everything from his involvement in Rock Aid Armenia (where he pulled together a list of top Brit Rockers to...Read More »

Are you excited about 'digital radio'?

I’m running a twtpoll today about the launch of ‘digital radio’ in Australia. Of course, as far as I’m concerned, ‘digital radio’ is a pretty silly concept. Podcasting has been around for five years and with iPhone and iPods and the like becoming pretty mainstream, podcasting already gives audiences a...Read More »

GDay World 390 - David Horn on the Space Elevator Conference

space elevator David Horn works with Microsoft in Seattle and is one of the organisers of the 2009 Space Elevator Conference. What is a “space elevator”, I hear you ask? Only the coolest idea you’ve ever heard! Imagine a day in the not-too-distant future where getting into space involves jumping into something...Read More »

GDay World 389 - Wolfgang Puck and .FOOD

Wolfgang Puck Wolfgang Puck is one of the most famous chefs in the world. Antony Van Couvering is the founder of Minds + Machines. On today’s show they chat with me about their bid to own the new “top level domain” – .FOOD. Do you want an independent media? The Podcast Network...Read More »

Leonardo Da Vinci & His Wonderful Toys

http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=5834380&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1 Brisbane Confidential 07 – The Da Vinci Machines Exhibition I don’t I’ve plugged the Brisbane Confidential show much in this blog, but I thought this episode might interest y’all, because it’s about Da Vinci – and who doesn’t love Da Vinci? New episodes of Brisbane Confidential are available each Thursday on...Read More »

GDay World 388 - Josh Harris and Ondi Timoner "We Live In Public"

We live In PublicI am privileged today to have, as guests on the show, the director and subject of the film that won the Grand Jury Prize award in the U.S. documentary category at the Sundance Film Festival this year (which makes Ondi the first and only two time Grand Jury Prize winner...Read More »

GDay World 387 - Tim Freke, The Gospel Of the Second Coming

Gospel of the Second Coming Tim Freke is the co-author (with his writing partner Peter Gandy) of many books about the Jesus myth – including THE JESUS MYSTERIES and THE LAUGHING JESUS. I chatted with him recently about one of their books “The Gospel of the Second Coming”, a marvelous book that manages to combine...Read More »

GDay World 386 - Banksters (part 2)

My guests today help me explore some of the alternatives to the “Big Four” banks in Australia. Let’s say that you, like me, want to completely disassociate yourself from the Big Four – where do you turn? Are there alternatives in Australia? Yes, say my guests: Andrew Hadley, COO, Credit Union...Read More »

Your Bank Hates You (by Scott Adams)

I’ve been talking about why we hate banks. It might be because they hate us! Some insight into the way banks work from Dilbert creator Scott Adams (who says he was working at a bank when Dilbert was born): Banks and credit card companies make a lot of money from late...Read More »

GDay World 385 - Francis Borchardt on the Historicity of Jesus

Francis BorchardtIn this, the latest show in my series trying to show that the Jesus story is probably a myth or hoax, my guest is a PhD student at the University of Helsinki in the field of biblical study. He chatted with me recently about the evidence to support the theory...Read More »

GDay World 384 - Michael Doneman on Ethical Entrepreneurship

Michael Doneman My guest on today’s show is Michael Doneman – one part business coach, one part social activist, one part guru. Over the last few months his name has come up in a startling variety of conversations I’ve had with people. These people have a few things in common – they...Read More »

GDay World 383 - Jabiz R on Iran

Jabiz RaisdanaMy guest today is Jabiz R. Born in Iran, raised in America, now living in Qatar, Jabiz is an educator and blogger. I’ve really enjoyed some of his posts about Iran lately so I invited him onto the show. ...Read More »

GDay World 382 - Dr Wayne Chamley on Catholic Sexual Abuse in Australia

Last week I wrote a post on the recent report out of Ireland about the true extent of child abuse committed by the Catholic Church from the ’30s through to the ’70s. A few people on Twitter tried to suggest there was no connection between abuse in Ireland and in Australia,...Read More »

GDay World 381 Reloaded

Hey folks, apparently I screwed up the track alignment in show 381 (about banks) so there is a fair amount of overlapping of voices. (Thanks to Anthony Voevodin for letting me know!) I’ve re-edited the show and fixed it up, and I’m attaching it here. By the way folks, don’t forget –...Read More »

GDay World 381 - Why We Hate Banks (part one)

http://www.creditcardfinder.com.auUPDATE: The original audio for this show had a problem (overlapping tracks) so I’ve re-uploaded it here. We hate banks. (see my recent poll) It’s true. You know it. I know it. The only people who don’t seem to know it are the banks themselves. Although, I suspect they DO know...Read More »

Why People Hate Aussie Banks

Today I’m recording a podcast about why people hate banks so much – and what we can do about it. I’m interviewing a range of people about banks, independent commentators as well as bank representatives. This all started with a twtpoll I started last night about which bank is the least evil. We...Read More »

GDay World 380 - Yvonne Bornstein, 11 Days Of Hell

Yvonne Bornstein In 1992, Melbourne businesswoman Yvonne Bornstein and her husband Daniel went to Russia on a business trip. They were kidnapped at the airport and tortured for 11 days in captivity while their captors held them for random. They were finally rescued in a joint operation by the FBI and the...Read More »