My Trip To Bangkok – Club Perdomo and Cigars

I got back today from a trip to Bangkok for a couple of days. The purpose of the trip was to pay a site visit to Club Perdomo Bangkok, a gentleman’s club built around Perdomo cigars. I’ve recently taken on Perdomo Cigars Australia as a new digital strategy client and, as someone who loves a cigar every now and then and who has come to appreciate the Perdomo brand over the last year, it was a very exciting trip. If you’re interested in such things, you can read about it on the Perdomo blog.

Newlight: Brisbane web design

Newlight, the Brisbane web design firm I’ve been consulting to for a few months, has launched it’s new company site. I’m here as their “digital strategy” guy, which means I work on things like social media strategy and SEO strategy for Newlight’s Brisbane clients. So if you’re looking for a very reputable Brisbane web development firm, check these guys out. They’ve been around since 1999 and are very good at what they do. I’m also doing some blogging for them, mostly on social media and digital strategy stuff.

About Cameron Reilly

Cameron Sept 2007

I recently started a new consulting business – Motherlode. We help businesses with marketing strategy – digital and traditional.

For the previous couple of years I was the marketing manager at Perdomo Cigars Australia.

I’m also the author of “The Three Illusions”, a book about living without fear, anger, anxiety or regret. It’s an attempt to develop a philosophy for life based on the laws of physics.

I’m  also the Owner and CEO of The Podcast Network, the world’s first podcasting business, which basically ran out of money when the GFC hit in 2008 and is currently just treading water while I focus on some other projects.

I’m the host of “The No Illusions Podcast” (which used to be called “G’Day World” and was the very first Australian podcast), as well as several other podcasts on TPN, including:

I’m also the founder of a number of things that don’t really exist anymore:

Twittories – a stupid idea to try to get 140 people to each write 140 characters of a short story using Twitter.

MODM – a monthly drinks night for people involved in digital media which started in Melbourne in March 2007 and is going national in 2008.

The Church Of LOTU – a religion for atheists and critical thinkers. Don’t laugh until you read it.

Geeks Who Care – a volunteer group that tries to apply the skills, knowledge and contacts of geeks around Australia to doing “good works” in their local communities.

I’ve been an internet/e-business consultant since 1995, and done hard time with companies such as Microsoft and OzEmail and spent 2010 as the head of Digital Strategy at an advertising agency.

I was included in the list of “40 Biggest Players in Australia’s Digital Age” by B&T Magazine, featured on the front cover of Australia’s Bulletin magazine and profiled in Australian Anthill magazine. My company, The Podcast Network, was selected by EContent Magazine as one of their Top 100 “Companies that matter most in the digital content industry“.

You can view some of these press articles at this link: TPN PRESS.

You can find me at:
Mobile: +61 400455334
Skype ID: cameronreilly

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In Second Life, my avatar’s name is “Cameron Switchblade” but I haven’t been there for years.
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More About Me Than you Ever Wanted To Know:
Full Name: Cameron James Reilly
Date of birth: 10 October 1970
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 100kg
Ethnicity: Aussie of Irish/Scottish/Polish decent
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Hazel
Eyesight: 20/20
Born: Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Sexual orientation: Hetero
Religion: Atheist
Family: Husband of Chrissy, with two sons, Hunter & Taylor, identical twin boys.
Drinking: Yes please.
Drugs: Caffeine
Smoking: Only cigars.
Started blogging: 2002
Family: George (deceased) & Jan (parents), Becky (sister), Anita (sister)
Occupation: Owner,
Previous occupations: Perdomo Cigars Australia, The Podcast Network, Microsoft, Ozemail
Software platform: OSX
Machines: Macbook Pro
Goal: Immortality and making a difference for the betterment of the human race.

What I Like:

Hobbies: chess, Napoleon, advaita, transhumanism, immortality, oil painting, writing music
Favorite foods: Condensed milk.
All-time favorite TV series: Seinfeld, Sopranos, The Wire, The Shield, Deadwood.
Current favorite TV series: Boss, The Daily Show.
Favorite movies: The Godfather Parts 1 & 2, Citizen Kane, Amelie, Lawrence of Arabia, Fight Club
All-time favorite music: Van Halen, Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Alice Cooper, Vince Jones, Tom Waits, Miles Davis

Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me:

  • Once upon a time I repossessed cars for a living.
  • Between leaving high school in 1987 and starting at Microsoft in 1998, I had something like 20 jobs.
  • I never attended university.