Acer Travelmate

About a week ago I tried to open my Acer Travelmate Tablet PC and noticed the little hinge where the screen attaches to the base was broken. No idea how it happened. Wear and tear I guess. I’ve had this machine for two and a half years. Now I can’t open the screen up at all. So I took it into Acer’s repair joint in Melbourne last Thursday. When I realized this morning I hadn’t heard from them, I gave them a call. They told me they had assessed the unit and it would cost me $300 to get it repaired!

I only paid $1000 for the whole machine.

So I went in today to see the quote. Turns out, the replacement hinge will cost $120, there is $60 for labour, and the remaining $120 is to replace the whole upper casing. Why? Because I mentioned that the little latch that hooks the screen onto the base at the front was broken.

$240 for two little pieces of plastic. A quarter of the cost of the entire unit. Makes you wonder what the other pieces of the unit are worth. The screen? Hard drive? Memory? Apparently not as much as the hinge and latch. THAT’S where the big bucks are.

So I told them to forget it, there’s no way I’m paying $300 for two little bits of plastic on a 2.5 year old laptop. That’s highway robbery. I paid my $50 “assessment fee” and left.

Now I’m in the market for a new laptop. I’ve been fairly happy with the Lenovo desktop I bought earlier this year. It’s bloody quiet. Maybe I should get a Lenovo? On the other hand, perhaps it’s time I bit the bullet and went Mac? Is it that time?

Did I mention that I run the largest independent media company (by reach) in Australia? You’d think there would be a whole bunch of hardware companies wanting to buddy up to me….