I went out to dinner last night at Bacar with the Young Dudes – Mike Cannon-Brookes (Atlassian) and Chris Saad (Touchstone). Also there were some not-so-young dudes like myself and Randall Leeb-du Toit from NICTA (thanks Randall!). There was some lively discussion and excellent food. As an old bloke, I’m continually stunned by how sharp and smart guys like Mike and Chris are at 26 and 24 respectively. Both have several start-ups behind them and are killing it with their current businesses. I’ve learned a lot about Atlassian’s success and history and Mike’s background over the last few days (I’m sleeping on his sofa) and he’s a seriously impressive dude. Chris and Nik from Touchstone are also seriously smart and focused. I’ve just installed the latest alpha of their product. It’s invite only and I’ve got 5 invites to give away. First in, first served, people. Email me if you want one. I’ve also just installed the latest version of another young Aussie dude’s product – Omnidrive (Nik Cubrilovic is the young dude… I think he’s like 22 or something). It’s an online storage service. I left Australia with my external 200Gb USB drive which has a lot of show production files on it and I’m sick of having to plug it in every time I edit a show, so I’m going to dump some of the key files into my Omnidrive account and pull them down from there in future (I don’t want them sitting on the laptop, it’s low on space).

Anyway… hanging around with these young dudes makes 36 seems so old. Where did those last 20 years go?