The original shield on my video ipod (the “invisibleShield”) was starting to look very tacky after almost a year – the edges had started to slightly peel away and all manner of disgusting shit was getting stored under them, I was starting to worry I was breeding a new form of life – so yesterday I dropped into an Apple store and bought a packet of eShields. Got home, peeled the invisibleShield right off, and the iPod was covered in gluey shit. So this morning, like an idiot, I pulled out some nail polish remover to try to remove the glue.

Yeah. Idiot.

Especially when I tried to use it on the screen.

A tip for the kids out there – DON’T DO THIS. My screen is now covered in smudgy patches which look like microscratches. Gah! Of course, I googled it AFTERWARDS and there is like a million sites warning DON’T DO THIS which I am reading too late.

Now I’m trying to figure out if the much-ballyhooed BRASSO strategy from last year is worth a go or will just make things worse. Anyone out there tried it or got a better idea?