Eric Skiff from The Alternative Music Show sent me an email alerting me to this:

I just wanted to give you a heads up that there’s a movement brewing to encourage people to "boycott" mainstream media on the 4th of july and tune into podcasts, vlogs, blogs, etc. instead. The idea got bounced around on the New England Podcasters list quite a bit and I posted about it on my blog today. and

There’s been quite a few comments and reactions in the few short hours it’s been up so I think this idea may really catch hold. It’d be great to have lots of TPN podcasts participating!

I’ve created a promo for the event – I’d really appreciate if you featured it in your shows, and be sure to tag your july 4th shows july4us .

Sounds like fun. I tend to watch or listen to pretty much zero MSM anyway these days, but this will be a chance for more people to wean themselves off their mainstream media dummy. You can do it! Think for yourself! Participate in the media, don’t be a victim!