8 thoughts on “Britain Wipes Out Another Race

  1. Notwithstanding the ongoing horrors of colonialism I’d like to point out that you’re quite happily living on stolen land Cameron. Shouldn’t you return it to the rightful owners and return to Europe?

    1. Charlie, I totally agree that I’m living on stolen land. For those of us born here 200 years after it was stolen, it’s impossible to “return” as we don’t have another home. That said, I believe the UK should be paying HUGE compensation to the original inhabitants of this country.

  2. no-one lives on stolen land. humans didn’t create land and therefore, it’s not ours to take. it doesn’t matter if you’re european or indian.

  3. ERin, that’s a very convenient argument. If you tell me where you live, I’ll come and kick you out of your house and move in with my family. I’m sure you won’t mind.

  4. And to pay the massive amounts of compensation to the original inhabitants of Australia, the UK will obviously be able to bill the Romans, Scandinavians and Normans etc. for their disgraceful behaviour during their occupation of the UK lands. And while we’re at it why not have some set of rules established by the UN that will enable any country who has been invaded, occupied or annexed any other country throughout history for all the misery caused.

    No doubt with your quest for immortality, you will be around in 65,000 years time and have witnessed the demise of many more tribes, countries or civilisations…

  5. Arthur, that’s another lame excuse for genocide or any other crime – “hey someone else did it, therefore we can too”. It doesn’t fly.

  6. I wonder which parts of the post I made were excuses for genocide and crime?

    I was merely making a point that, in a fair and compassionate world, the same rules must be applied to any race, creed or country who has been subjected to the vagaries of colonialism, or other forms of occupation, for them to receive reparations for anything that they suffered which is deemed to be wrong in some way.

    Or are the ones who have suffered from British colonialism a special case?

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