britney spears shaved head

When I read Miriam’s post about shaving her head for leukemia, it dawned on me – Britney hasn’t gone mad – she’s just a sweet, down-home country girl with a heart of gold who wants to raise money for those poor people suffering from leukemia. And if Miriam can raise a couple of hundred bucks by shaving her head, imagine how much Britney will raise?

Of course, the infamous no-panties exercise a couple of months ago now makes complete sense. It was just a trial run. She probably raised $500k for the cause by shaving her taco and, in order to prove that she had actually done it, she kindly asked some photographers to be at hand when she got out of Paris’ wheels to record the event. With the huge success of that venture, she’s now decided to go the whole hog and shave her noggin.

And the press is beating it up, making out that the poor girl is half a loaf short of a picnic. It’s just not fair. She’s just doing her bit. I wish more stars would shave their heads. And their tacos for that matter.

Three cheers for Britney!