Cameron-Reilly, LLC

I stumbled across this company today. Apparently they make roads in Washington state! The company is owned by two guys – Jim Cameron and Mike Reilly. I’ll have to see if one of my listeners in Washington can snag me some of their company swag! I especially like the images on their website of large road signs with “Cameron” written on them. Now they could come in handy at the next MODM Block Party.

3 thoughts on “Cameron-Reilly, LLC

  1. Hello, Cameron Reilly.

    While searching the net for comments on Wei Wu Wei (specifically his “The Tenth Man”) I found a blog of yours that you have abandoned (according to the blog).

    It seems to me, by reading this blog-entry…

    that you’re a fellow admirer of Wei Wu Wei, as well.

    Now, you mention in the blog that you have the original editions of all his books, and I have always been curious in seeing how the original editions looks like.

    Therefore my question is: is it possible for you to shoot a photo of each book (or all of them at once) and send a copy to me? If the e-mail doesn’t show, please send your response to:

    normanblog @ hotmail dot com

    Thank you for your time!


  2. Hi Norman!

    Yes I do. But they are currently packed away in boxes. When I get around to unpacking my bookshelf, I’ll photo them for you!

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