Got this funny email from lil sister Anita:

You’re friggin’ everywhere…I was looking up stationery for work and Googled ‘roller papermate gel II’ to see what it was and the fourth Google entry was this!

Is there anywhere I can go without bumping into you???! Geez!!!!!!


The issue of B&T Magazine that I wrote an article about podcasting (what else?) in, is apparently out. Jon-Michail called me today to say he had his copy. My article is in the Digital Media insert.


In the discussion section of my Wikipedia entry, some larrikin has written “After attending the Remix 07 conference in Melbourne i contest this article and believe that it is grossly inaccurate.” WTF??? How could anything I did or said at Remix change anything in the Wikipedia entry? If you are going to slag me off folks, you need to try harder.