A great example of Christian tolerance in the US senate.


Chris Pirillo is getting up to speed on the problems inherent in the American system of democracy and capitalism. Interesting to see someone like Chris speaking out about this. Watch the first ten minutes of the video he’s linked to. Chris has just agreed to come on GW for a chat about the issues. Can’t wait!


We took the kids to the Pixar exhibition and to see the Fantastic four film today. The Pixar exhibition is worth the price of admission just to see the amazing zoetrope! I can’t recommend this enough. I was totally blown away by it and we were all voted it the highlight when we left.

As for the FF film…. well the kids loved it, and I got to watch Jessica Alba for a couple of hours. Can’t complain about that. But you don’t get to see Galactus???? WTF?? They talk about him, he is apparently about to devour Earth (starting with the Thames), the Silver Surfer flies out to confront him, but we don’t get to see him? Majorly disappointing. The film as a whole is as lightweight as the first one. It’s kind of weird to see Michael Chiklis appear a couple of times when Johnny sucks up Ben’s powers – we’ve just finished watching The Shield Season Three on DVD. God I love that show. Anyone out there got Season Four that you could “loan” me?



Got this email from new listener Holden today, made my morning:

I just started listening to podcasts over the last two months or so. I just wanted to tell you that your Napoleon podcast and the G’day World podcast have been entertaining and educational as I mow lawns all summer up here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m very glad to learn that there are other people who care about critical thinking and reason, but don’t just stop there, who want to change the world for the better. As I’m going through all the G’day back issues I was struck by #239. You really spoke to me, and even though this is about three months late, thank-you for telling it like it is. I recently went through that sort of re-inventing time. I switched from Christian ministry to the wide undefined world of writing and have never looked back.

Thanks Holden! Great to know I’m not talking into the wind. And it’s great to know that out there, somewhere, there are Christians who are thinking and reading outside of the narrow confines of the religion.


What’s the best way to keep a documents folder synchronized between two PCs these days? I’m going to be traveling a bit over the next month and I want to have a copy of my documents folder sitting on a portable 80GB USB hard drive to take with me. The way I see it, I have three options:

1. Move all of my documents from the hard drive they currently sit on (a bulky external USB drive attached to my Vista desktop PC) onto the small portable hard drive and just use it as my central documents storage from now on. The only concern I have is losing it while I’m on the road. Of course I can back it up locally before I leave.

2. Just before I leave, put a copy of the documents folder onto the portable drive, work from that while I’m on the road, then copy those documents back to the main drive when I get home.

3. Have some sort of solution that synchronizes the folders between the two drives every time I plug the portable drive back into the desktop. Pre-Vista I used to run Microsoft’s Foldershare but it doesn’t seem to work on Vista.


UPDATE: I installed Foldershare again just to check it out an apparently it is limited to 10,000 files, so I can’t use it to synch my documents folder. I’m now trying Microsoft Synctoy which looks like it might work. I just need to remember to plug in the portable drive to the desktop when I get back from my trip to synch everything back as I can’t do it over the cloud, which would be ideal.