I’m starting another fast today. So if I go a bit wonky (more wonky than usual) you know why. It’s time for a winter cleanse. Focus the mind. Heal the body. Renew the self-discipline. Hardcore. A little bit of self-denial.


Christopher Moltisanti RIP. Holy hell, what a scene.


I’m on a panel (with TechCrunch’s Duncan Riley and SEO guru Jim Stewart) at the evolve 07 marketing conference next month in a session called “Content Anarchy: Lunaticsandasylums”. Should be fun. If you’re going to be there, come and say hi.


I recently ordered some new business cards from moo. What a great service. Fast, cheap, sent to my door, faster than the cards I normally get printed here in Melbourne! Definitely a keeper. They have the G’Day World album art on the back.


I caught up with the Managing Director of Rubber Records recently and he gave me a CD with some of their recent tracks. They have some GREAT bands: Offcuts, Andrew Morris, The Exploders, GB3, The Casanovas – I’ve played this CD a bunch of times and these are some killer tracks. Good to hear some good Aussie rock. We really need an Aussie rock show on TPN.

****** Hi mick.