Don’t install‘s Firefox toolbar!! I did and it completely borked things today, forcing me to delete pretty much everything and go back to a clean install of Firefox. Admittedly, after trying to resolve it for an hour, I might have over-reacted when I told Firefox to delete EVERYTHING including my bookmarks… but after getting this for an hour every time I tried to open Firefox: Compete toolbar error
and under pressure to prep for an interview, I was frazzled.

That said, Compete’s graphs on TPN look much more realistic than Alexa’s.


Yesterday I saw my first 3D film! Took one of my boys to the Melbourne Museum and went into their Virtual Theatre, put on the glasses and they worked! It wasn’t until I had my eye surgery last year that I had any chance of seeing 3D (with or without glasses) so this was a big moment. Shit flying out of the screen at me! I had a huge geeky smile on my face. I need to see every 3D film every made now. Including Jaws 3D. Oh yeah.


Invisible Inkling has a great post on the future of newspapers. I’m going to invite Ryan onto the show.

Update: this was Ryan’s response to my email:

I’d love to come on the show sometime. The day in early 2005 when Scoble blew my mind at a talk at San Jose State University, where I’m (still) a grad student, he had his aggregator up on screen running on his tablet, then fired up Skype and called you in Australia.

Classic stuff.


Happy to announce that Tony Goodson is taking over hosting duties on The Productivity Show! Des and I just haven’t had time (ironic, I know Alanis) to get it done over the last six months, so I’m glad someone is taking it over. Tony has been listening to G’Day World and TPN since the very beginning. I remember having coffee with him in the city early in the history of G’Day World when he tried to convince me that I was the new Parky (Tony’s a pom). It’s fitting that Tony is taking over this show as he was our guest on the very first one we did, way back in June 2005. Welcome to TPN, Tony!

UPDATE: Tony just reminded me that of last weekend he is now officially an Aussie! Welcome to our fair country sir.


Just got back from a preview screening of “Blades Of Glory” at Paramount’s offices in Melbourne (thanks for hooking me up Bruce – say hi to Michael Bay from me!). Hughesy and Tony Martin were there as well. Got an interview lined up for Friday with one of the stars, Will Arnett. Should be a bit of fun. Movie was a lot funnier than I expected. The best Will Ferrell movie I’ve seen since “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”. Blades also stars the very hot Jenna Fischer, the best thing about the US version of The Office.