James Farmer is seriously frakked. I mean, I love the guy. He’s a nice guy. He’s helped TPN out, we’ve had fun on the radio, he set up the Start Up Stories thing on The Age, I’ve got a lot more respect for him now that he’s decided to pull his pants all the way on and quit his job as “guy-who-gets-newmedia-but-pretends-he-doesn’t-either-to-curry-favour-with-
deadwood-management-or-as-linkbait” to become a full-time entrepreneur.

But then he goes and writes shit like this and makes me laugh so hard I don’t know whether I should be in on the in-joke or if he seriously believes this kind of shit.

Should the fact that he used a word like “twee” be a tip-off?

Well, anyway, here’s your Technorati post James. Is this what you wanted???? 🙂


This is what YouTube is all about: watching Jason Alexander, pre-Seinfeld, singing in a McDonald’s commercial.


Dick Cheney’s hatchet man Scooter Libby has finally been sentenced to jail for the Plame affair. I’ll still be surprised if he actually does time inside the big house. All his legal team need to do is keep the appeals process going long enough until Bush’s last day as Prez when he can safely do a Jed Bartlett and pardon Libby while nobody is looking.