Lou Reed Bids Farewell To The Wild Side

This has to be one of the last times Lou ever performed his biggest hit live. I saw him play live twice over the years and never saw him play it.

Speaking of Lou, I stumbled across this VERY high quality live bootleg from 9 October 1974 (the day before my 4th birthday), the “Sally Can’t Dance” Tour, featuring Prakash John on bass but without Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter, who had left his touring band by this stage (ROCK N ROLL ANIMAL was recorded ten months earlier). This was the tour where journalist Nick Kent from NME commented that Lou looked like a “ravaged monkey”.

The latest version of Garageband iOS is really a fun composing tool. I spent my lunchbreak adding a guitar track to a song I’ve been working on. So much fun.

I”ve been working on client stuff all day, now I’m going to try to get in a few hours on the documentary.

From Peer Gynt to Gershwin to Inspector Gadget

From Peer Gynt to Gershwin to Inspector Gadget

I’m sure I’ve made this connection before, but it just hit me again this morning (the benefit of having no long term memory). I’m not sure who copied from whom, but I was listening to Gershwin this morning and it clicked. Gershwin’s “Sweet And Lowdown” rips off the theme from Grieg’s Peer Gynt “In The Hall Of The Mountain King”.

(kicks in after 51 seconds)


And then Shuki Levy ripped off one or the other of them for the Inspector Gadget theme.



Doctor Who v Lou Reed

Anyone who knows me well knows I love two things – Lou Reed and Doctor Who.


Dinner with Clara Rockmore and Bob Moog

I’ve always loved the sound of the theremin. It reminds me of Doctor Who and old 50’s sci-fi movie soundtracks by Bernard Herrmann.

So I was wrapped tonight to find this video from, I’m guessing, the 70s or early 80s. In it, Bob Sherman chats with his mother, pianist Nadia Reisenberg, his aunt, Clara Rockmore, the virtuoso theremin player, and Robert Moog.

Hat tip to Faith Hibberd for the tip about Clara Rockmore.