Looks like this news is a couple of weeks old, but I just found out about it, so perhaps you missed it as well. Via Shazbot:

CompanionLink for Google Calendarâ„¢ is a two-way synchronization solution for people that want to extend their Google Calendar onto their desktop calendar systems or mobile devices. It can synchronize Google Calendar with all the latest Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Palm, and BlackBerry devices in addition to Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, and Groupwise applications.

Well that’s half of the ideal solution for Pocket PC users like myself who no longer want to use Outlook but still want to use a Pocket PC. Ideally I’d like a Pocket PC application which can run offline but synch with Google Calendar once I dock it (or via the web, but at the rates mobileco’s in Australia charge for mobile internet…).

I’ve installed the 14-day trial of CompanionLink but I’m having trouble getting it to connect to Google Calendar. It keeps telling me my email address or password is wrong, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t. So I’ll keep trying. If anyone else gives this a try, please pop over to the Productivity forum and let me know what you think of the product.