7 thoughts on “Comparing Jesus with Alexander The Great

  1. hello cameron,

    this is dorian, one of the administrators of http://tothewire.wordpress.com .

    you referred to our blog as a “christian” blog and i’d like to clarify that it is not a christian blog – rather, it is a news and political opinion blog. the post “was jesus a real person” was posted by one of our authors who is a christian fundamentalist. we founders invited her as author to represent the conservative voice. we had met each other thru a saturday night thread (a sarah palin sketch) and there she was spewing out her religious and conservative dogma against us “liberals”. you are not to first to mistake our blog for a religious blog…thanks for visiting and commenting on our blog, come by again..

  2. cameron –

    our resident christian crusader has posted a reply to your comment. word of warning: we’ve heard all her arguments before and they’re enough you make you want to claw your own face. don’t get sucked in. if you do, we shall have no choice but euthanize you afterwards…

  3. I have used Alexander the Great as an example of a figure who claimed divinity either himself or it was attributed to him. Yet someone who we don’t believe to be divine. If we say the historical evidence is roughly the same for each in terms of historicity why does Jesus get the guernsey and not Alexander?

  4. I don’t get your point. You don’t explain why you can’t compare apples and oranges.

    The historical Jesus was a Jewish carpenter turned itinerant preacher who was crucified by the Romans. I don’t see why the christian gospels can’t be treated in a similar way to say Plutarch or Herodotus.

  5. Charlie, my point is that when we are trying to work out if Jesus existed at all, we can’t compare the stories about him to stories about “normal” men such as Alexander. People writing about gods have more incentive to invent mythology than people writing about a soldier / general / king. So we need to compare the Jesus stories to the stories of other “gods who walked among us” like Krishna.

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