Compete’s TPN ranking

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While we can’t compete with PodShow’s 14000% growth over 2007 (and we also haven’t raised $20 million from investors), says TPN grew by 430% during 2007. I don’t think Compete’s numbers are accurate – my own logs say we only doubled in size – but hey, Adam seems to accept their view of things, so who am I to argue? Although they also say only 20,000 people visited TPN in December which is obviously a completely bogus number. It was more like 500,000 according to our logs. They claim to calculate only US traffic but still, that’s most of TPN’s traffic. Compete strikes me like Alexa – pretty flaky.

As you can see, according to Alexa we actually went backwards in 2007. So Compete says we grew by 430%, Alexa says we went backwards, our own server logs say we grew by about 200%.