Some interesting statements in this story.

In a speech late on Monday, (Ehud) Olmert (Prime Minister of Israel) said Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, was left “pretty shamed” at the vote and had to abstain on a resolution she had helped arrange.

(Al Jazeera – US denies Olmert influenced UN vote)

Olmert goes on to claim he rang Bush, who was pulled off stage to take the call, just minutes before the UNSC vote which insisted a halt to the Gaza offensive. Olmert told Bush that the US must abstain from the vote – and they did. Fourteen of the other fifteen members of the UNSC supported the resolution. Israel has, of course, totally ignored it. Wouldn’t you love to hear a copy of that phone call?

Let’s remember once again that the UN created Israel in the first place. Israel has been a member since 1949 and, as such, is legally bound to abide by decisions of the UNSC. As it isn’t, Israel is, by definition, a rogue nation.