Condoleezza Rice left “pretty shamed” at US abstention in UN

Some interesting statements in this story.

In a speech late on Monday, (Ehud) Olmert (Prime Minister of Israel) said Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, was left “pretty shamed” at the vote and had to abstain on a resolution she had helped arrange.

(Al Jazeera – US denies Olmert influenced UN vote)

Olmert goes on to claim he rang Bush, who was pulled off stage to take the call, just minutes before the UNSC vote which insisted a halt to the Gaza offensive. Olmert told Bush that the US must abstain from the vote – and they did. Fourteen of the other fifteen members of the UNSC supported the resolution. Israel has, of course, totally ignored it. Wouldn’t you love to hear a copy of that phone call?

Let’s remember once again that the UN created Israel in the first place. Israel has been a member since 1949 and, as such, is legally bound to abide by decisions of the UNSC. As it isn’t, Israel is, by definition, a rogue nation.

5 thoughts on “Condoleezza Rice left “pretty shamed” at US abstention in UN

  1. Israel’s greatest supporter, the US, has totally invalidated the UN over the last 8 years and has practically made it useless.

    The invasion of Iraq was not supported by the UN so technically speaking, America is conducting an illegal war. The war is obviously for Israel and Australia is participating in these crimes.

    Israel and the US should be kicked out of the UN.

  2. The UN isn’t invalid if the other countries of the world are prepared to stand up to the US. And the US’s days as the world’s bully are coming to an end. Let’s hope China and India are better stewards of the planet than the UK and USA have been for the last 300 years.

  3. Cameron, your prediction tht China and India would make better stewards of the planet is ludicrous. Both countries have continuously and consistently abused the planet and it’s resources with no end in site. The UN is simply a forum for pontification with no real power as has been proven over and over again. The UN has been a leader in providing aid to countries in times of “natual” disasters, but when was the last time it actually facilitaed anything. Don’t blame the US when others are sitting around with their thumbs up their noses. The US can not and should not try to save and police the world, but other countries should have a more visable role.

  4. Sinya, I didn’t “predict” they’d make better stewards, I said “let’s hope”. And the USA and UK have abused the planet FAR MORE than China and India have (so far). As for the UN, you description of them is nonsense. The UN is a democracy. The member nations vote on actions they think should be taken. If you’re don’t believe in the democratic process, please suggest a better system. I’m listening.

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