Digi Photo Show in Flock

I recently installed the Flock browser and I’m enjoying the way it integrates things like Flickr feeds into the main screen. I’ve got it set up to show the Digital Photography Show’s Flickr feed, a nice continual stream of visual inspiration during the day – kind of like the visual equivalent of Twitter.

Digital Photography Show in Flock

4 thoughts on “Digi Photo Show in Flock

  1. I love it – but man, I just can’t keep up with all the new fun gizmos. They’re really becoming distractions. Hard to get work done!

  2. Update:
    After running the flock browser I have ditched it due to the fact that it gobbles up fare too much CPU power, and it’s handling of sound files leaves a lot to wish for. And last it has no good themes I like.
    So it’s back to old trusty firefox and it’s endless features.
    My theme at the moment is “Gradient iCool”


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