About 5 weeks ago I ordered some products from an Australia site called Direct Discount. I paid via Paypal. I got a confirmation email. Everything looked legit. But it’s been five weeks and still no product. I’ve tried emailing their sales support line but the emails bounce. They have a fax number on the site but no telephone number. I can’t find a listing for them in the Aussie WhitePages. Any ideas on how I track these folks down to see if I’ve done my $100 or not? They also have a US site.

UPDATE 29 July 2007: Well I took Fi’s advice (thanks Fi!) and made a complaint via Paypal. The process took a couple of minutes and, a couple of days later, the company refunded my money, claiming they were out of stock with the product. A good outcomes from Paypal! Obviously the company (DirectDiscount.us) takes Paypal’s emails more seriously than they do mine. A lesson for anyone out there who gets ripped off in a Paypal transaction – make a complaint.