I know I should restrain myself, but I really can’t.

Back in January I wrote a post about how many people the Judeo-Christian god “Yahweh” killed according to their “Old Testament” or “Tanakh”.

So far it’s had 69 comments. Some of them are hilarious but none more than the most recent one left by teenage “Heather S”.

She has some ripper statements like:

In the bible, God pretty much said do what he says and you shall live a great life.
So if those retards back then didnt listen. When they had prophets plain as day telling them what God is telling them to do. And from what your saying. “God Murdered Them.”
well, hello. If he brought you into this world, he sure as hell can take you out.


i didnt read all of the reply thingys…
who said they believed in evolution????
OMG! Are you serious?
mmk, so you think you came from a fucking monkey?
so someone in your family tree screwed an ape? honestly.

and my favourite:

Cameron you seem like a funny sad, sick, slightly mental little person.

At least she got that part correct.

God bless you Heather S. You made my afternoon.