Beti the Excel Jedi (and the host of the TPN Health and Fitness podcast) has put together a nifty pps containing the results of the TPN Oct 2006 survey so far. I’ll leave it open for another few weeks but I think the results are already showing some interesting trends.

Some interesting things that popped out at me:

  • most people say that, on average, they listen to “most or all” of podcasts
  • about a third pay attention to ads in podcasts, but another third ignore them
  • 50% would be willing to pay >$1 a month to listen to TPN podcasts
  • the breakdown between people listening on a PC versus a portable player is moving away from the PC, with 75% listening on a portable device
  • nobody first heard of TPN via the mainstream media
  • the vast majority say they trust the opinions of TPN hosts either “very much” or “somewhat” and 70% trust TPN hosts more than they trust mainstream media (which might shut up all the journos who love to say “you can’t trust blogs”… nah who am I kidding… )
  • almost all of you relate to TPN hosts more than you relate to mainstream media hosts, yet again demonstrating the power of citizen media
  • two-thirds listen to less traditional radio since discovering podcasting (I should have asked what percentage of the podcasts you listen to are traditional radio shows versus citizen media… next time)
  • two-thirds find citizen media more stimulating than mainstream media
  • and, overwhelmingly, you are Beatles persons who disagree with the Iraq invasion and are worried about climate change. In other words, you haven’t been fooled by the propaganda campaigns on these issues run by your Governments and the corporations that run them. I am very proud of you.

Check out the early results.

And if you haven’t completed the survey yet, you still have a chance by going here.