b5 Media’s Duncan Riley (no relation) just pointed me to Evan Williams’ recently post on a list of podcast sites, ranked by Alexa ranking. Evan somehow managed to completely ignore TPN. Perhaps he’s never heard of us. I’ll have to get my marketing team to send him a parcel of flowers or something.

For the record, here’s our Alexa ranking (32,450) and it would put us just above John Furrier (and Robert Scoble’s) PodTech on Evan’s list. Evan says of PodTech:

They snagged $5.5 million in March of this year. From what I understand, PodTech is mostly a content company, and there are a lot of other content podcasting companies I didn’t include on this list. But PodTech is probably the most significant one and has had a lot of press with things like the hiring of Robert Scoble.

I guess we were one of the companies he decided to ignore. Gee, thanks Evan. PodTech may have more money (about $5.5 million more) and a much higher profile employee than TPN but we have a higher Alexa ranking (for what that’s worth… it doesn’t pay the bills and I can’t eat it). But they are great guys. I met John in NY late last year at Steve Gillmor’s after party for the Guidewire Groups’ BlogOn 2005 conference and he seemed like a very nice bloke. And Scoble and I go way back to my Microsoft days. He did his first podcast on TPN and we were very grateful for the promotion he did of us in the process.

Speaking of the Guidewire Group, I had the pleasure of having a couple of drinks with Chris Shipley in Melbourne earlier this week. Chris is one of the co-founders of Guidewire and the Executive Producer of the DEMO Conferences. Chris was introducing me to Viki Forrest, the CEO of ANZAtech. We had a great chat about podcasting and why Australian technology start-ups need to move to the USA. If I had my time over again, I would have packed up and moved to the USA a year ago rather than try to build TPN out of Australia. The climate in the USA for investment in a business like this is much stronger than the climate in a technology backwater like Australia. It’s a sad indictment on the Australian investment climate but there it is. Right now I’m of a pretty firm mindset to pack up my mic and headphones and make the move later this year. Anyone got a couch I can bunk down on for a few months?