Ewan on The Future of TV

Ewan Spence (TPN’s Rock Show, PSP Show, Edinburgh Festival Show… have I forgotten any??) spoke on a panel in Edinburgh yesterday about the future of TV. Read Kevin Anderson’s coverage for The Guardian (and watch for my video podcast inteview with Kevin that’ll be up here in a few days). Read Ewan’s statements in the article and then tell me if he reminds you of anyone…

8 thoughts on “Ewan on The Future of TV

  1. Read the article and seens British TV people don’t get it either. What is this shared experience crap they kept going on about. I haven’t watched TV with my family in years.

    Regarding downloading I would rather get something next day here in Aus than wait…15 months for Heroes in UK..are they kidding themselves?

    I think 7 here said they will be showing Heroes days after it’s shown in the USA next season which should be starting in a few weeks. Even a few days is too long. Why would I wait 2-3 days to watch something full of ads when I can get it next day with no ads?

    I still don’t understand mobile phone TV. I have a video iPod but never watch video on it as screen is way too small. You want to watch video on a handheld device get a PSP, best option by far. Apple have an announcement coming up so I assume they will be announcing new iPods with the iPhone design but have to wait and see how they look.

    Did I get too off topic?

  2. Tony what do you think of the arugment that a small screen a few inches away from your eyes is the equivalent of a large flat screen on the wall on the other side of the room? Aren’t they taking up the same amount of eye real estate?

  3. Ok now to reply to my twitter comment that you are full of shite 😛

    Do you have a large widescreen TV. I have a 46 inch LCD and I also have music videos I got thru the iTunes for my iPod. There is no way known that watching one of those videos compares to a large widescreen TV.

    Maybe I am i minority with my opinion but I really see little value in video on current iPods and certainly not mobile phones which screens are probably even worse for watching video.

  4. Now hold your video iPod a few inches away from your face for two hours while you watch a movie. Is your arm tired yet? 😉

  5. I’ve watched movies on my ipod on a plane flight. Battery life sucks, but the experience is fine. The point is that the screen size is fine when its only a few inches away from your face.

  6. Cam,

    Your trying to compare it to a large flat screen TV and no matter what you say your gonna have to go a long way to convince me that is the same as watching on a video ipod. At least a PSP is widescreen which makes a lot more difference.

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