Filmmaker Brian Flemming (GDAY WORLD #210) had a interesting post on his blog today about Uri Geller. Those of you born after 1980 might not even know the name, but he was pretty famous in the 70s and 80s as an Israeli guy who had the power of telekinesis.

Now – I’ve always been a fan of Geller’s. I even read his autobiography when I was a kid. I never had any doubts that he was a simple magician – a prankster, a trickster. But he was so good at it! I love to be amazed. It happens so rarely.

That doesn’t mean I totally discount that telekinesis might be possible. Who doesn’t want the force pull? Damn, I have spent countless hours over my life trying to make that shit work. One day – with the help of aliens or AI, I intend to have it. I won’t rest until I have it. I MUST HAVE IT.

But I don’t think Uri has it. And Brian pointed me to a list of fabulous videos by famed skeptic James Randi which are on YouTube and totally blow all of Geller’s techniques. They are stunning viewing. I still didn’t pick the tricks until Randi would stop the video, explain it, and THEN, when you watch it again, it is so obvious, it’s silly.

But goddamn, this guy is GOOD!!! You have to appreciate that. Magic on TV for all these years and he is still (almost) getting away with it.