Fidel teaches history

I enjoyed reading this article today by Fidel Castro where he challenges claims made by American Presidential nominee John McCain that he was tortured by Cubans in Vietnam. One of the things I admire about Fidel is his ability to communicate history and to explain political matters. We can all only hope to be this erudite and passionate when in our 80’s.

6 thoughts on “Fidel teaches history

  1. Well the first article you linked to loses all credibility with this paragraph:

    “McDermott’s warmth for Castro overlooks the fact that his tyranny is the longest and cruelest in the history of the Americas. And that Castro’s regime caused the death of 86,000 Cubans. In addition, his military interventions in Latin America, Africa and other places have caused thousands of deaths and brought misery to millions.”

    The 2nd article quotes one guy who claims he was tortured by a Cuban 40 years ago. Hardly evidence that would stand up in court.

    Meanwhile, we have an American government which ADMITS to currently torturing prisoners, snubs the Geneva Convention all over the place, admits to over 200 separate assassination attempts on Castro, and which spends millions of dollars every year in spreading anti-Castro propaganda, a lot of it through the US “free” press.

    While I don’t doubt Castro has skeletons in his closet and has his own agenda with his speeches, I know which one I’m believing.

  2. “Brought misery to millions”


    Where the fuck are these millions?!

    Can this guy introduce them to me?

    Where is the evidence on that website?

    People are moronic robots that are too fucking lazy to actually investigate for themselves… lazy shits!

    The guys that run these websites are all the expat cubans who disagreed with the revolution to begin with. They are all pro batista. They are all US government funded, or funded by rich ex pat Cubans that hate Castro. It’s just like listening to Chalabi when the we invaded Iraq. No decent Iraqi would listen to that guy, yet we took his word as being the word of the Iraqi people, when he was clearly a pro American tool.

    It’s very important that people investigate from genuine sources and use some rational sense of logic before they come to conclusions.

  3. I thought we were discussing the issue of whether or not Cuban torturers were present in Vietnam during the Vietnam war, a war which did in fact take place around 40 years ago. Hence one would expect that any evidence of such would emanate from around 40 years ago, and would indeed rely in the main upon testimony and even eye witness accounts of what happened 40 years ago.

    I thought Cam was drawing our attention to Mr. Castro’s refutation of Mr. McCain’s claim.

    My aim was to suggest that there is some evidence to support McCain’s claim.

    War crimes tribunals have certainly admitted in evidence testimony relating to events decades prior.

    Here’s a note from Mr. McCain’s website mentioning the Cuba/vietnam War link, although not a full account.

    I’m sure this story will not go away, so we can expect a full airing of such allegations.

    when I can get the Miami Herald’s website to cooperate, I’ll see what else I can find out.

  4. Where is the evidence Bob?

    Can you find a better link than John McCain or the Miami Herald. We know that most Cubans that left Cuba in disagreement, set up shop in Florida. So we need facts that come from historians or non biased journalists. Please no expat Cubans that disagree with Castro.

    And, what was John McCain doing in Vietnam to begin with? Invading and terrorising a foreign country. Killing kids, civilians, women…. Is there such a thing as a good guy? Or are we all just people capable of most things that people are capable of?

  5. Good last point Marcelo! Let’s remember that the American invasion of Vietnam was, in itself, a war crime. The Gulf Of Tonkin play which came after the US-backed assassination of Diem in an attempt for regime change.

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