4 thoughts on “Flickr Pro or Zooomr?

  1. Hey Cam…I’m in about the same boat (I think my Pro account expires the middle of September), and as of now, I’m planning on re-upping w/ Flickr. It’s not a bad price (my wife and I can spend more money on dinner easy), and I haven’t yet really seen a site with as much flexibility, utility, and functionality. Though I haven’t yet tried Zooomr, it must be said. I should poke it with a stick; methinks. What I’m REALLY looking for now is the equivalent video sharing site. No one’s done it yet that I’m aware of…I like blip.tv for public stuff, but Flickr’s “friends and family” style privacy is, um, even more important with videos sometimes. And no, not for that! *grin* It’s just easy to look really stupid in a video, and the last thing I need is to be the next Jedi Boy.

    On a totally different topic, BTW…Cam, I finally got around to checking out the Father Bob show, and it rocks! New subscriber here. Great stuff! Fully half my “can’t miss” podcasts are TPN stuff now (G’Day, Gadget, Atomic Show, Father Bob). Keep it up!

  2. I’ve recently (through the Flickr community) found a site called Tabblo which is free and doesn’t seem to have limits. It is strange to describe and not as good as f if all you want to have is a constant stream of individual pictures but it sort of takes the concept of the photo album to the next level. Not being an arts-and-craft guy, I still found myself tweaking my layout intensely.

    Unfortunately there is no video support but hopefully all of these guys will wake up and add it soon.

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