I nearly missed my connecting flight from Changi but, apart from that, the 28 hour trip (door to door) here went smoothly. It took me an hour to get through customers, an hour to get to the Latin Quarter where my hotel is… and then another 90 minutes while I walked around LOST because the map I’d printed out from Google Maps was WRONG. I’m bad enough following directions as it is, but it doesn’t help when the map you’re using is about 5 blocks out.

After I checked in, had a shower and a nap, I headed out to Notre Dame for a quick look. I was planning on sketching it – I have a goal to complete one sketch a day while I’m here – but it was raining. I bought a book from Shakespeare & Co (Henry Miller’s “Quiet Day In Clichy”) and ended up sketching the Pantheon when the rain finally stopped.

Now I’m sitting in an Aussie bar not far from my hotel (Hotel Home Latin), using their free wifi, before I head out to catch some jazz at Cafe Universal.

It turns out Nick Randolph (former TPN host) is here as well so we’re going to hook up tonight for a drink! We just hooked up over Skype when he saw my status message.

Paris is brilliant. This is my second time here and it is seriously the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to. I’ve got to live here. Soon.