Via deusexmalcontent:

This forum "Teens Against Pornography" is a must read.

Are you addicted to pornography?
It’s a simple question. Are you? Have you ever decided to stop? Yeah, so have we. How long did it last for you?

It even has a podcast!

Teh pr0ncast offers practical, Christian-oriented advice to teens that desire to stop surfing porn (and the other act that goes with it) but can’t seem to kick the habit.

I can’t wait to listen to that one! One of the best posts is this one that deus linked to, where a forum member describes the "not abnormal" transition from innocent porn to feeling the need to watch videos about rape, homosexual acts, incest and bestiality.

I also like this post where someone asks "so i’m gay and sometimes i look at straight porn and get off on it. does that make me straight?"

Anyway, incest isn’t a bad thing in God’s eyes. Abraham married his sister. And they weren’t even from Tasmania.