Joining Rich and I today is Rod Adams, co-host of TPN’s Atomic Show, to chat a bit about nuclear energy versus fossil fuels. We also cover the small amount of technology news worth talking about today.

    As always, our Intro / Outro music “D24″ courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker and I record my Skype calls using Skylook.

    And if you dig the show, pull your goddamn finger out and vote for G’DAY WORLD on

    8 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD! #102

    1. I still listen!
      Other podcasts that I listen to:
      Father Bob – has a fantastic view on christian faith and helping people
      Sunday night safran – I find him amusing
      Napoleon – I like history
      Dr Karl – Lots of factoids
      Geeks of Hazzard – they make me laugh

      Also Rocketboom and the Jim Dupree video podcasts

    2. Its pretty crazy, its this guy that evey episode is an “expert” on something when he clearly isnt. So he just makes stuff up.

    3. Listener #2 of 5 checking in…*grin*

      Let’s see…I also listen to:

      Evil Genius Chronicles
      Gadget Show (of COURSE!)
      IT Conversations (pick and choose)
      Digital Village
      Cory Doctorow (he podcasts short story readings; good stuff!)
      Meet The Press (NBC Sunday morning talking head show in USA; good for public affairs, kinda…and I don’t have to get up to watch it anymore!)
      BBC In Our Time
      O’ReillyNet – Distributing The Future

      I pick up other things occasionally, as recommended.

    4. 3 minutes in Shanghai
      A Brooklyn Film
      CFA Institute Podcasts
      BBC Radio 4 – In Business
      MBA Podcaster
      NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Podcast | PBS
      Pro Money Talk
      The Mac Observer’s Mac Geek Gab
      The NYC Flickerite Podcast
      The Official Dave Chappelle’s Block Party podcast
      ThePodcastNetwork :: G’day World
      ThePodcastNetwork :: The Cranky Middle Manager Show
      TPN – Father Bob
      TPN :: ValuesHacker
      Vintage ToonCast (video)

    5. TPN: Gadget Show
      TPN: G’day World (obviously)
      TPN: Personal Productivity Show (hasnt helped yet but thats just because i’m a lazy shit)
      TPN: Health and Fitness Show
      Dr Karl (good for topping up the random and useless information in my brain)
      Dr Karls great moments in science
      Hack on triple J: slightly more interesting view of current affairs.

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