Today on the show, Richard “The Procrastinator’ Giles and I talk about:

  • Brazil’s superhero astronaut
  • V For Vendetta KICKS MAJOR ASS
  • new on TPN – alternativemusic
  • As always, our Intro / Outro music “D24″ courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker and I record my Skype calls using Skylook.

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    5 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD! #106

    1. I would be interested to hear an interview with an autority related to the Judas gospel.
      I know that there was a rebel leader called Judah Maccabee in the times before Jesus. I’ve heard a theory that the disciple Judas was somehow connected to the rebel and tryed to push Jesus into confronting the Romans and thats why he turned him in.
      Also Cam you right in that there are 3 books that are very similar, Matthew and Luke, are based on Mark which is supposedly the first gospel.

    2. Roger, I’ve got Dr Malcolm Choat from Macquaraie Uni coming onto the show on Thursday, he’s an expert on early christianity. Should be fascinating. Thanks for confirming the story of the three gospels, remember seeing that on a doco recently.

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