GDAY WORLD! #108 – Apple v Microsoft The Great Debate

Rod Adams from The Atomic Show on TPN joins in to discuss Apple Bootcamp and the question in my mind at the moment – is it now safe for me to buy a Mac?

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Barry Schwartz – Less Is More – are too many choices a bad thing?

Boot Camp users stuck in Windows

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6 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD! #108 – Apple v Microsoft The Great Debate

  1. I am a Mac user and will never go back to Windows. Made the change just under 12 months ago and won’t look back. I maybe can’t play all the games I had but currently have WoW installed and an Xbox360 so all is good.

    I don’t have an Intel Mac either and haven’t tried Bootcamp.

  2. Hiya Cam,

    I picked up a MacBook Pro because of the bootcamp announcement. I was debating what laptop to get for th new business, and wanted a Mac, but like you was thinking that it might be a waste if OSX just didn’t do the job for me – I’m still a Windows nut at heart.

    Anyhow, bootcamp works great – am doing dev work, runing the usual apps and GuildWars runs perfectly 🙂

    I’m also using the Parallels workstation beta when booted into OSX to run Outlook and MindManager.

    Anyhow – great laptop – with two caveats.

    1) No second mouse button – you gotta ctrl-click in Parallels and install a hack for bootcamp to get one.

    2) No delete key. Yes it says “delete” on the keyboard, but Windows sees it as backspace. That makes doing ctrl-alt-del a problem when logging in! Parallels has a menu option to send a ctrl-alt-del, but bootcamp has no option. You need to plug in a usb keyboard to get logged in, then use a key remapper like the one in the Windows resource kit to map another key to delete. I just remapped F12.

    Anyhow, no regrets. The machine is ultra-sexy. It’s all worth it for the backlit keyboard 🙂


  3. Hi Cam.

    Just having a listen to this show. One thought that occurred to me about your Apple customer service woes, is that it seems that Apple in the U.S. is much, much more responsive to iPod service issues than they are in Australia.

    There are many, many things that Apple Australia don’t do that well compared to their U.S. parent, so that might be part of the issue there.

    Also, I’ve had two iPods with no issues, both running from a Mac, but a friend of mine running iTunes/iPod on a PC has had all sorts of software issues and one failed hard drive (just out of warranty). The PC is obviously not the cause of the hardware issues, but certainly his experience has been less than stellar on the software compatibility front.

    I wouldn’t necessarily blame Microsoft/Windows for this, as Apple have not had a very good track record on producing Windows software in the past (see QuickTime for Windows – a very crappy piece of software for a very long time, although it has improved a lot recently).

    To Steve – you can use the fn-Delete key to emulate the windows Delete key. I wonder if the ctrl-option-fn-delete would work as well?

    Regards, Grant

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