wayne turmel’s joke

new host needed for the Mac User Show on TPN

Apple product placement

The Nokia 770 gets slammed

Newspapers are still bleeding

27% of people heard of podcasting

Fox is going to put it’s TV shows on the net

GW Bush’s iPod has illegal music

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9 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD! #109

  1. I tried to send you an odeo but today it’s broke. Here’s what I would have said.

    Hi Cam and Rich,

    I’m going to comment on wether or not people are engaged which you brought up as an issue on podcast 109.

    I think you’re wrong. It’s not about people being engaged or not engaged. Years of conditioning has stopped us being engaged. Papers happen at us, TV happens at us, Radio happens at us – for all the time these things have existed we have had no choice but to listen or not listen. Being engaged was not an option.

    And now, you want to change that.. in a medium that 70% of people have never heard of? Cam, for your mental health, please make this a 20 year goal, not a two day one!!!! Most people’s sphere of influence consists of voting on big brother. Blogs and podcasts are familiar because they happen at us, and conditioning means we go back to having it happen at us.. it’s going to take a long long time to learn we can take part and that we can take part intelligently, not by just chosing a contestant to be voted out.

    And technology has to be overcome. Does this thing even have a mike? Most people still buy their PC from PCworld on a Saturday from the pimply 16 year old who thinks everyone is soooo lame man!!!

    Patience grasshopper, the world will catch up with you.

  2. Wendii wendii wendiiiiiiiiiii
    driving myself nuts is what i do. if i didn’t do that… i’d go … even more… nuts. you’re right though of course. change takes time. we learned that back in dotcom 1, right? what do they say, something like “dramatic change takes longer than we’d like but less time than most people expect”… something like that. whaddya mean odeo is broke?

  3. Well, true. But of course (to argue with myself!) just because it’s a long journey, doesn’t mean we shouldn ‘t start. Odeo would let me record a couple of words if I SHOUTED, but not my whole speech. But I was trying to use the built in mike on my laptop – so maybe I just wasn’t loud enough for it. W

  4. Cam, I’d leave you an odeo, but I listen at work or download shows when I am at a bar. I am expecting high speed at home soon, next month, but until then I don’t think I’ll be sitting in bar trying to chat you up via my laptop. Sorry Man.

  5. Cam:

    Tom brings up a good point – many podcast listeners are disconnected from the net at the time that they listen. Though we might want to shout back at you during your show when you say something particularly interesting or annoying, we do not have the available technology to do so. In my case, by the time that I have finished working, working out, and driving for the day, I am too bushed to remember which rant I need to answer.


  6. Rod nailed it for me. Only today, and only because I am so far behind, have I been listening to podcasts at my desk. Usually, I download them to my Thumbdrive and listen in the car or while on the exercise bike. Then like Rod said, I have to care enough in the morning to actually go back to the website and comment.

    Plus, depending on how you download your podcasts, there may be a huge disconnect between the blog part and the mp3 itself. I discovered TPN through iPodder which just had your OPML feed integrated into it. It wasn’t until my version of iPodder stopped working and I wanted to continue to get the podcasts that I went to the trouble of finding the website. Before then I wouldn’t have even known how to leave feedback. You rarely mention the URL on your show.

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