• Cam’s review of Cory Doctorow talk in Melbourne
  • How to get around DRM’d PDFs using Gmail
  • How many people are going to download TV?
  • Blogs doubling every 6 months
  • 64,000 podcasts out there according to Podnova
  • New Windows Media Player – no podcast directory?
  • replacing the hard drive on my ipod – how to here and where to buy here
  • Don’t forget to check out the new shows on TPN.

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    3 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD #110

    1. Hey dudes…just FYI, audio comments are on their way via email. I’m usually out when I’m listening, but I decided to try just babbling into my iPAQ and see what happens. This one’s completely raw…I’m just sticking the SD card into the PC and sending the file. If there’s anything salvageable here, I’ll keep off my butt next time and transcode to MP3, etc. Maybe even do some…*cough*…editing. God, do I hate what I sound like.

      On it’s way. Take care!

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