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3 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD #112

  1. Telephone SANITISERS!!! (from golgafrincham) does the fact that I know that make me a geek… If so I guess I’m in the right company so it doesnt really matter. Anyways… Love the show, would leave an Odeo comment except I always make a fool of myself when I’m talking to someone who isnt there and you’d probably fall off your chairs laughing at me and sue me for causing slight persornal injury in the form of a bruise on your derriere caused by the fall worse… humiliate me by sticking it in the podcast for all to hear *shudder* Ok that was a long sentance. Anyhoo I should probably get on with some work or similar so I’m off.



    (There I go talking to someone who isnt there again)

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