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5 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD #113

  1. Bait and Switch? Isn’t that MS’s go! The cost of the original purchases isn’t always the biggest cost! I remember reading reports that Said that even if Oracle or MS gave away there software, its still cheaper to use Progress Database!


  2. Wasn’t the first Podcast network the Godcast Network?
    Why would Nine want to partner with them? Would they be better off contacting you?

    Also, Eddie is Prisident not Cheif Excitive of Collingwood.

    Saw Pete on his show a few weeks ago, but haven’t caught it again since then.

    Lastly, your arch enemy, Adam Curry is getting into Second Life. I recon you guys should get the Sim Maffa on to him and fix him up! I think his name is Adam Newmann.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Facebook was offered $750 million not $75 million which would be insulting for them. So then asking for $2 billion isn’t quite as arogant. Although it is still arogant. Really how do they monatize a website that would purchased for $2 billion especially with the little ads that they have on facebook. It boggles the mind sometimes.

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