GDAY WORLD!!! #147 – The John Romero Interview

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Join Cameron Reilly, the John Romero of Australian podcasting, and his good buddy Richard Giles, while they get all “blokey” with JOHN THE FRAKKIN MAN ROMERO.

Now, if you’re one of those people who just said “who” then… you must vacate the premises within 7 seconds. Your lease has expired. You are an ex-parrot.
If, on the other hand, you said “holy BFG! John The Frakking Man Romero!!!! The guy who brought the world WOLFENSTEIN 3D, DOOM, QUAKE, DAIKETANA and about 96 other games in the last 30 years! The guy who put the id in ID Software! The first rockstar of gaming! The guy who gave us the BFG!”… then you may stay.
Listen in as we chat about

  • what it’s like to be Romero
  • what made Doom and Quake so frakkin huge
  • what he’s working on now with Slipgate, his new gaming company
  • the music of Ronnie James Dio
  • how he met his wife online

And much much more!

Keep up to date with John’s activities on his blog. And here’s a link to the Half-Life “portal” video from Valve that John refers to. It is the coolest thing I have seen in ages.

PS I’d like to apologize to everyone (esp Garth Kidd who apparently has some deep-seated issues to deal with) for the slurping noises on the recording. But DAMN that was a good Chuppa-Chup. Yoghurt. Mmmmm.

4 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD!!! #147 – The John Romero Interview

  1. I have to confess that I didn’t know who John Romero was until you explained it, but then I was all of about 7 when doom was released and my parents weren’t of the variety that encouraged computer game playing.
    Still I have played it before, albeit with the invincibility cheat on because otherwise it was too hard. It was probably the first proper game I ever played on the computer so I found this particular show very interesting.

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