GDAY WORLD #158 – Featuring the Sacked Telstra Blogger, Tom Reynolds

Tom Reynolds, the guy who was a Telstra blogger until his contract was unceremoniously terminated last week, oh-so-coincidentally 24 hours after he wrote a post slightly critical of Telstra, joins Rich and I on the show today.

We talk about

  • Type 2 Diabetes, childhood obesity and fast food. I think it’s time we (eg me) did something about it.
  • Must see TV – Entourage, Deadwood, new eps of Battlestar Galactica, Studio 60 on Sunset Strip, and Heroes
  • Cam’s planning on moving to San Francisco to raise funds for TPN.
  • And Tom and Rich blame me for their life problems. Bloody typical. No-one takes responsibility these days.

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24 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD #158 – Featuring the Sacked Telstra Blogger, Tom Reynolds

  1. Yeah, I mentioned Heroes to Cam at the dinner… I was a bit iffish about wether or not it was going to be a good show, having only seen the first episode, but the second episode seems to indicate that it will be a decent series…

    And btw, does this move to SF mean that Cam isn’t coming to the G’day World 2nd Birthday Bash?

  2. damn, i hate it when people listen to my shit and then regurgitate it back to me! yeah you’re right. it’s just a plane ride, right? I’ll have to make sure I come back for the party. Of course, you could all come to San Francisco….

  3. I couln’t believ it took you 20 mins to realise Tom’s question about moving to San fran as a lifestyle choice. I LOL t my desk at that one, very funny stuff.

    I watched Battlestar Galactica last night and god I love this show. It is best thing out there period. I am still working my way through season 1 of Deadwood and and have season 2 ready to go. Season 3 started on Showtime here last night so I will record those and watch after I am caught up.

    Guys at Cool Shite forums have good things to say about heroes so that maybe another thing to look out for.

  4. The funniest thing about the Super Size presentation on Sunday was at the end of it, they had an ad for what during the credits? An ad for their weight loss reality show, the biggest losser!

    Made me chuckle. Good one Channel 10!

  5. Tony – yeah I watched Ep 1 of BSG S03 last night and it KICKED ASS. God I love that show.

    Tom… next time you think you’ll crack funny on MY show, just remember who the king is. 🙂

  6. Episode 1? What about Episode 2??? It was a double episode last Friday night.

    The only problem is have to wait another 4-5 days before can watch the next ep:(

  7. Regarding your comments on whether you would be allowed inside the USA with all your Bush bashing, what about Jon Stewart. I am sure you watch the Daily Show, if you don’t you should, and he loves bashing Bush and I hate to say it is probably more famous or well known than the Camster.

    Love the Daily Show and watch it every night.

  8. I don’t have cable mate, so I am watching BSG when *I* want to. And Yeah I love Jon Stewart as well, the diff between him and I (apart from talent, looks and money) is that he is a US citizen. Me… not so much.

  9. Just listening to the show and not yet finished, I know a bit late of the mark, so long Cam!

    Hey love the idea about kids and their weight. Tom is right that technology is in part to blame, he says as his son is watching TV, arguing to play the Xbox or get on his PC :-). I think a podcast, video or regular, for kids on weight is a great idea. Do is as a 10-12 part edition, ensure the RSS feed includes all parts.

    PS Hey when did you publish a second radio drama! You need to advertise this stuff more!!

  10. Being a WoW player that episode is one of the best Sth park episodes ever. I guess the parts your talking about could be taken that way but personally I already look like that so I am not too concerned 😛

    Just back to BSG for a sec did anyone who watched it catch the Seinfeld reference early on?
    It was pure gold.

  11. Could do with some more Aussies over here.
    Hey Cam if you want the name of a good immigration attorney I can give you one and he is in San Francisco as well. I wouldn’t tempt the INS they do read blogs as shown by a Canadian who was turned back because they read his blog which said he was living and working in NYC. Look at getting a B1 visa from memory this wasn’t that hard.
    At least you will be able get your fill of BSG though its harder to get Rugby and Cricket

  12. Thanks Ant! Yeah I know that Canadian blogger quite well. In fact he was a host on TPN in the early days – Jeremy Wright. Just raised $2 mill for his company b5 Media. Where are you based?

  13. East coast in ‘Jiosey’. Been here nearly 6 years, 3 of which trying to get the Green Card.
    Still getting used to how they do business here.

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