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G’Day folks, just thought I’d wrap up my impressions of the last two days of Digital Hollywood from my current base in Carmel, California. The last couple of days were very different from the first as most of the folks on the panels represented the big TV networks, movie studios, music labels, mobile carriers and the big search engines. As you’ll hear in the show, I found most of the sessions to be pretty samey. The traditional companies are all saying the same things and they all sound like they were created in a Dilbert random buzzword generation engine – yeah, we’re going to re-purpose our existing content/network/users/portal to run over 3g/ipods/mobiles and we’ll monetize it by product placement/advertising/premium features and we’ll still rule the planet, everyone return to your normal seats, we are in control of your entertainment.

What I should have heard (but didn’t) was “wow this is mving pretty fast, we’re not really sure what we’re going to do, all we know is that we need to re-invent ourselves as a company from the ground up before we become mostly irrelevant”.

If you think that would be a crazy thing for a media company executive to say, go read Wired’s interview with Rupert Murdoch.

I’m going to be in Carmel (see map) for a couple of days then I’ll be heading to San Francisco for the ANZA Tech conference.