The word of the day is “epiphenomenalism”.

Benjamin Libet did an experiment which suggests that thoughts happen inside our brains BEFORE we are even aware of them:
Wikipedia bio
More on Libet’s experiment.

You don’t believe a country like the USA could be involved in state-sponsored terrorism? The United Nations would disagree. Listen while I tell you about Nicaragua v The USA.

Feb 12 is the birthday of Charles Darwin, one of the greatest minds in human history. Did you know he studied theology?

Now… back onto the subject of faith versus reason. Let me state my premise as clearly as I can, one more time:

To believe something exists (let’s say unicorns) without any evidence to support the theory, is not rational.

To not believe something exists (or to hold no opinion on the matter either way) because there is a complete lack of evidence to support the theory, is completely rational and is not a matter of “faith”. Is it a matter of reason. They are complete opposites.

It’s quite simple.

Oh and one more thing. Science is the on-going pursuit of truth through the search for evidence. It is the only rational model for seeking truth. Every other model dispenses with evidence, reason and logic and are, ipso facto, irrational.

And I vote for logic, reason and evidence. And I also suggest that people who are irrational are a danger to us all. You wouldn’t let an irrational person become President of the United States, would you? Oh… bad example.

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