GDAY WORLD #204 – Dr Peter Ellyard, Futurist

Dr Peter Ellyard is a Melbourne-based futurist, strategist, author and Chairman of the Preferred Futures Institute. He has worked for the United Nations, various international governments and NGOs, and is an incredibly popular speaker and strategic consultant to global corporations.

Peter Ellyard

We caught up today for a discussion about:

    the role of a futurist
    the rise of “planetism”
    the role of globalisation
    the role of corporations
    leadership versus management

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10 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD #204 – Dr Peter Ellyard, Futurist

  1. That was a very inspiring interview.

    One of the major problems that I keep on seeing with my chosen field of engineering is that robotics/mechatronics is a very new discipline so, of course, Australia isn’t doing much.
    I am left with the choosing between taking a dull job in Australia, going overseas to innovate or doing my own thing.

    My basic plan is to go overseas but I do intend to come back once I have some experience under my belt.

  2. James says:

    You thought Planetism was the thing that Pluto failed at???

  3. yeah yeah okay – my poor attempt at humour – don’t rub it in! Pluto failed at being a planet – get it? Sheesh.

  4. James says:

    I think Peter’s response says it all! Hmmm

  5. Clarke Scott says:


    Brilliant interview!!! Best youv’e done 🙂

    This guy is an amazing human being and great to listen to.

  6. John McGuinness says:

    Awesome show Camron, well it was right up to the pluto ‘joke’.

    Liked the sailing analogy he used when talking about change.

    Speaking of which. If your would like to go for a sail sometime cam and you promise not to try and convert me to rationalism I would be happy to take you out on a yacht (34′ northshore).

    Dr Ellyard is an amazing bloke.


  7. Yeah John I’d love to! Got room for Peter? Call me 0400455334.

  8. Ian from Brisbane in OZ says:

    Well you nailed that one buddy. Riveting interview and I was hanging on every bit so much so that part way through while shopping I wove some of the insights of how large organisations are changing into the conversation. I think, as you suggested that you would both love to do more of this I’d like to say PLEASE! and maybe you could find a few more inspiring innovative people and maybe create their own specialised podcast. Also as you mentioned on Podcasting APB I would have loved to have commented while I was still out over my iPod the moment I finished and I was still amped. Oh well the iPhone is due in ’08 maybe then.

  9. Thanks Ian. Peter is going to be starting his own regular show on TPN shortly! I’ll also get him onto G’Day World as often as possible.

  10. Andrew Wilkinson says:

    Great interview. Peter had great insights to what is happening in a world of globalisation. It was very interesting to find that he was a fan if Buckminster Fuller – could we get more on that?

    I hope we can hear more from Peter.

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