G’DAY WORLD #246 – 50 Questions with Will Arnett

I had the chance today to spend 15 minutes with Will Arnett, one of the stars of the new Will Ferrell/Jon Heder comedy “Blades Of Glory“. I caught the film earlier this week and it’s very funny, a lot funnier than I expected it to be actually. Definitely gets higher marks than Talladega Nights.

Arnett is probably best known as Gob from the now-canceled TV series “Arrested Development“. but he’s also been in films such as “Monster-in-Law“, “RV” and a small role in “The Sopranos“.

I’d like to thank Bruce Moyle and the boys at Coolshite for hooking me up with Paramount.

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2 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #246 – 50 Questions with Will Arnett

  1. good interview. my only complaint is I watched the trailer first and the volume was all fine for that and then when I started the video I jumped out of my skin, nearly spilled my red bull all over me and clambered for the volume control because the sound levels were WAY higher. Scared the life out of me.

    Its kinda like the way that you always seem to wait a different amount of time before starting the theme music on the podcast so I cant get used to it. I’m sure you do it on purpose 🙂

  2. hi I was wondering, how do I get a player like yours to display my music in my profile, thought thats a really neat lil player, love your show man!

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