Richard M. Giles of Scouta joins me again today to discuss a list of bothersome subjects, including (but not limited to, user’s experience my vary, please refer to terms and conditions before you set any expectations and refer all complaints to your local member… pffft, I said “member”):

  • Scouta’s recent DMCA take-down notice
  • What’s the good of being President if you can’t stop your friends from going to jail? (I bet Paris wished she’d got on his good books)
  • Universal Music Group tells Apple to stick iTunes up their ass
  • iPhone mania
  • Twittermania – what’s the business model?
  • The Jesus Seminar featured in this month’s Free Inquiry magazine
  • George Monbiot and the One World Democracy
  • More on TRANSFORMERS – Did GM get value for their product placement? And should Megan Fox be Wonder Woman? (Check out this picture)
  • And we also namecheck Bronwen Clune, Chris Saad, Mike Mick Liubinskas, and some others….
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