My guest today is Chris Summerfield. Chris works for Drug Arm WA, writes an intelligent blog called “A Churchless Faith” and recently took me up on my challenge to Christians to answer the question “What would it take for you to become an atheist?”. We talk a little about the striking similarities between the key points in the Jesus myth and the mythologies of other saviour gods such as Horus (3000 BCE), Mithra, etc. We also examine the troubling lack of first-hand eye-witness reports of Jesus (surely someone walking around raising people from the dead would have caused some interest from contemporary scholars) and the fact that the Jesus Seminar concluded that only 18% of the supposed saying of Jesus in the New Testament have any chance of being authentic or original.

  • The Zeitgeist Movie
  • Parallels between Jesus and Horus
  • Jesus and the other God-men are personifications of the Sun
  • Other saviour gods that pre-date Jesus, such as Mithra, Dionysus and Orpheus
  • The Jesus Seminar
  • The Historicity of Jesus
  • Why Are The Ancient Historians Silent About Jesus?
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