G’DAY WORLD #279 – Jack Marx, sacked Fairfax blogger tells all!

Jack Marx wrote a popular blog called THE DAILY TRUTH for Fairfax, a large, old and very, very tired Australian media organization. In 2006 he won a very prestigious Australian media award (a Walkley) for one of his posts. However the paper sacked him a couple of days ago (on his birthday no less) for a satirical post he wrote about the Australian Federal Opposition Leader’s visit to a New York strip club. What is perhaps even worse than the sacking, according to News.com.au, the editor-in-chief of Fairfax Digital, Mike Van Niekerk, told a rival paper that “this was just the latest in a long line of indiscretions”. Jack says if this is true, it’s the first he’s heard about it. Should he sue Fairfax for defamation?

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    12 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #279 – Jack Marx, sacked Fairfax blogger tells all!

    1. Huge congrats to Jack, this is a red letter day.

      I love it when these faceless managerial types make the bullets but lack the balls to fire them.

      It’s either due to the Editors belief that bloggers are disposable like lightbulbs, or the more likely idea that they are pretty handy with Microsoft Word, but shithouse with People 1.0.

      Still Jack, if experience tells me anything, this will put you in demand.


    2. I was a regular contributor to TDT under the name Ross, and the response to his Rudd item that I’d prepared was a damn sight worse in taste than his original article … Ah, well. I wish him well with whatever he does.

    3. if it was my birthday and my parents had come down and in real time i got sacked at my prestigious newspaper job, that would kinda suck. i totally agree with the sackee that rudd not remembering (but knowing he had been there an hour and also that he hadnt touched + that the other mp also didnt remember) rang totally false, altho the piece kinda tripped into fictional area, with the missy elliot soundtrack. sounds like his boss wants a walkley, and heck got a problem with a blogger, sackem, they are as he mentioned, cheap words per dollar. termination commences now.

    4. That Mike Van Kneejerk from Unfairfax is a real piece of work. I not only remember the Tasmania blog ( the only one which Van Kneejerk could recall as crossing the line, all be it in June 06 ) but I parked it with my secret agent friend Sid at “the men of cabbage” a cab driver’s blog. That blog was a hoot and my guess is that the Jewish lobby group who Kneejerk belongs to, have been waiting a long time to punish Jack because they are small minded rascists who have no sense of humor and are too small minded to just get over it.
      I’ll go and track it down now and bring back the link.

    5. What a load of melodramatic crap. Jack is just the type of childish fool who cannot ever admit to any wrongdoing. He can create all the conspiracy theories he wants to, but the fact is he just needs to grow up and get a grip on his over inflated ego. Jack had a great gig with Fairfax and he blew it by wallowing in his own self importance instead of being grateful for his opportunities.

    6. Hey Kerrie-Lee – there was a problem with the original file so I had to upload a new one with a slightly different name. The links on the site work okay now (for me, anyway). Can you tell me what you are trying to open it in so I can diagnose? Thanks.

    7. Two positives out of all of this.1 no Phil T.2 I have free bike if You need one Jack.Actually 3 google m van kneejerk if you need his mobile,probably changed by now.Jack if you read this take a nice long holiday you deserve it.Please consider on your return a members only blog then you can be your own boss.ta ta

    8. Like Ross, I was a constant reader and almost as consistent poster on TDT (under the name Sten). Unfortunately I was away all last week and feel like the rug has sort of been pulled out from under me. For shame, Fairfax. Ah well, I’m sure this particular sh*t-storm will only enhance Jack’s rep for close-to-the-bone satirical style – even if in this case, it is a prudish polly’s pink trom-bone. Hey Ross, if you’re still reading this, is there anywhere you know of where the TDT gang has re-grouped?

    9. Sten- they are all over at
      Maloney’s blog, Splat, at news.com.au….and AMAL…
      Not a week has passed and the fickle folk have already moved on…

    10. I’m not sure who wrote that Splat post but it wasn’t me and, to be honest, I don’t think TDT’s readers have much affection for me at all. If you check my comment numbers you’ll see that Splat is a small blog with a small but fairly loyal following.

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