G’DAY WORLD #295 – Vanessa Stacy, the Web2.0 Stripper

Vanessa Stacy

I recently caught up with Vanessa Stacy, aka Vanessa the Undressa, aka the Geek Stripper, aka GoldCoastGirl on Twitter, for lunch and a chat about how she uses Web 2.0 tools like MySpace, YouTube and Twitter to market her business – which just happens to be stripping. It was a fascinating discussion for me because I know NOTHING about the business of stripping, and Vanessa shared a bunch of insights into the life. She takes it very seriously, thinks of it as a business, and works it hard.

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5 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #295 – Vanessa Stacy, the Web2.0 Stripper

  1. Very good interview. Vanessa explained in detail, her thoughts and appraisal of the Industry she works in. She is a professional and would make a good Ambassador for her chosen business.

    It is unfortunate, that ‘stripping’ doesn’t carry a good ‘public approval’ rating, and this is mainly as a result of those who ‘milk’ it for every dollar that they can and don’t actually see it as a legitimate business.

    Well done Vanessa. You have your head screwed on. (pardon any non-intended pun *smiles*)

    John in Adelaide, South Australia

  2. She must have stolen the “Vanessa the Undressa” title. There was someone working under that name around 40 years ago. (or maybe she inherited it).

  3. I think Vanessa the Undressa simply means her name is Vanessa and she undresses – quite easy explanation! I don’t think she would purposely copy someone, if anything it is a great catchy name for herself!

  4. @Gran Jan, I think “Vanessa the Undressa” has been an active stage name since Shakespeare’s day. English speakers can resist a good bawdy rhyme. It’s almost as much fun as a dirty limerick.

  5. Just thought I would pop in to clear up the whole “Vanessa The Undresser” thing: as long as one has the name VANESSA .. you will be called “The Undresser”. I have had that nickname since I was a teen, many MANY years before I even had an idea adult entertainment existed! I’m just living up to the nickname.. finally LOL! 🙂

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