GDAY WORLD! #99 – 2Web Crew #3 – The Jason Calacanis Special Edition

On today’s show, my guest hosts are my co-founding members of, Ben Barren, Martin Wells, Duncan Riley and Nik Cubrilovic and we talk about Jason Calacanis and why he didn’t turn up for our intervew.

4 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD! #99 – 2Web Crew #3 – The Jason Calacanis Special Edition

  1. Even without Jason, it was an interesting discussion. A couple of thoughts:

    1. Online word processing for web publishing is a great concept.
    2. I cannot conceive of actually using that concept for producing a complex document needing features like tables of contents, headers and footers, auto-formating, linking with spreadsheets and presentations, indexes, hundreds of pages, multiple paragraph layers, etc.

    Briefly – I like having my own processor, storage, printer, and memory as close as possible to minimize delays. Desktop software will not be replaced by web based software, both will continue to exist just as both wood and stone continue to be major construction ingredients.

    I also want to remind you of an important word in all of the markets that you discussed – APPLE. 🙂

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